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Turn Back Our Animal Biodiversity

Summer Bookshelf


During the Summer, I want to read at least 5 books. Three of them includes The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, The ABC Murders, and The Hate U Give. To read mystery books over the Summer, I chose to read books written by Agatha Christie, which are The Murder of Roger Ackroyd and The ABC Murders. Both books excite me because I have read previously, Murder of the Orient Express written by Agatha Christy. The Hate U Give drew my attention from ISB’s reading list. I thought that it would be interesting to read about Starr Carter’s two different worlds.

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Celcius 232

“Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.” Frederick Douglas once said. Fahrenheit 451 addresses a society that books are to be burned by firemen whenever they were found. Contrasting to his job, Montag finds this inquiring and starts his journey of changing the world to a place full of books and new ideas. In Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, the characterization of the protagonist, Montag, shows the change of his personality.

Montag is an ordinary looking fireman who is thought to be kind-hearted; however, he ponders the restrictions he has as a member of the society. At the beginning of the story, Montag is introduced just like the other firemen in the firehouse: “He hung up his black beetle-colored helmet and shined it; he hung his flameproof jacket neatly” (Bradbury 8). Ray Bradbury emphasizes the clothes that he wears as a fireman. The black beetle-colored helmet, and his flameproof jacket symbolize the appearance as a fireman. Moreover, when meeting Clarisse, Montag explained, “‘Kerosene… is nothing but perfume to me’”(10). As fireman’s job in his society was to burn books, kerosenes were always part of him. This was common among firemen, as they were all to use kerosene daily. Montag shows his kindness by talking with Clarisse and by accepting her ideas. Clarisse said, “‘The others would walk off and leave me talking… You’re one of the few who put up with me’” (27). Clarisse shares her thoughts about Montag by comparing him to other firemen. As he was one of the few that actually listened to Clarisse and her ideas, and made corresponding reactions to them, Montag was able to show his personality of kindness to Clarisse. As the society do not accept new ideas and knowledge, many of thoughts were ignored and thought to be crazy. However, unlike the others, Montag made connections to her questionings. Montag queried the society multiple times throughout the story. “I’ve been thinking…about the man whose library we fixed. What happened to him?” (37). After Montag had several conversations with Clarisse, he started to question about the actions he has done as a fireman. This included “fixing” libraries. Burning the libraries did not seem right for Montag as he thought of libraries as a place of knowledge and stories. Later in the story, he sets his mind that knowledge and books are important: “Montag was gone and back in a moment with a book in his hand” (100). As books give stories, knowledge, and common sense to people who read them, Montag read a poem to those who were foolish in voting, and even about their families. Even though Ms. Phelps had a strong emotional reaction when the poem was finished, Montag was sure that the contradicting ideas in books about society give a strong sense of community to all people. In conclusion, Montag, the compassionate average fireman, fights for the regulations as a citizen in his society.

I, just like Montag, also have thought differently from others and wanted to fight for my opinion. In a recent Model United Nations activity, I had contrasting opinions on restricting public awareness of countries about a specific issue. At that time, I was the only one who thought that public awareness should not be restricted since it would cause more confusion to the public. This made it difficult to address my opinion to other delegates in the committee just like Montag trying to say that books are beneficial.

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Above is the theme for Give Me Liberty by L.M. Elliot. It is about Nathaniel Dunn, who has his father lost, meeting Basil as his owner in Virginia. To pursue the dream of liberty of America, Nathaniel, Basil’s book and music, and an apprentice called Ben together opened their minds of equality. However, Nathaniel found out that his close friend, Moses, could only escape from slavery by attending the British Army. This questioned Nathaniel of the meaning and purpose of a country, and later concluded that there were no guarantees of happiness of success, but just possibilities.

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Change or Not to Change, That is the Question

For a long time, Timothy wore his red coat with pride. As a 20 year-old soldier, he never felt doubt into the power and authority of King George III. Twenty years since 1763 changed Timothy to end his career as a redcoat. Come and experience the journey of Timothy in his Journal written throughout the American Revolution.

As a result of the American Revolution, numerous factors changed due to the modification in governmental power. There were religious freedom in the colonies where everyone were to believe in their own religions. All men were equal. After experiencing the ages of monarchy in Great Britain, the Americans decided to limit the power of the central government and set up a local government. Changing the system of monarchy, the Americans set their government with presidents.

Even though a plethora of things changed, aspects of the government have stayed the same from the system of the British. Slaves and women were still not treated equally where they were not allowed to own property until later. White men had all the rights and power while women were still considered wards of their husband. They had no voting rights and personal properties. There were still power to the Continental Congress which helped to make decisions for the government.

A Few can Lead to Great Changes


Wynton Marsalis, an American trumpeter once said, “Many a revolution started with the actions of a few. Only 56 men signed the Declaration of Independence. A few hanging together can lead to a nation to change.” The American Revolution happened between 1763 and 1783. Because of the taxation put onto the American colonists, they declared their independence from the British. This was the first time that any colony in the world have declared its independence from the “home country”. Becoming an evidence that a few can lead to a great change, the American Revolution was one of the fascinating revolutions that happened around the world.


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