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Elements of Scenic Design

Scenic Design – The aspect of a production that gives a sense of ‘space’ or location. Can be realistic or symbolic. Aids in creating ‘atmosphere’.

Mood Board (Concept) – A poster that contains imagery that will help focus the design or conceptual weight of a piece of theater.

Thumbnail Sketch – A quick sketch or drawing that becomes the starting point for a design.

Stage Configuration – The layout of the stage in the theater you are producing the play.

Groundplan/”Birds Eye View” – The top down look of the design. Gives you an idea of WHERE things are on the stage.

Elevation – The FRONT look of the design. Gives you an idea of what you will see when you are looking at the stage.

Flat – A scenic piece that is used to build doorways or walls. Light, flexible, and can be built to order.

Sight Lines – The view of an audience onto the stage. Sight Lines are taken from many different seats to see what they see.

Masking/Masking Flats – Flats or curtains designed to ‘hide’ the elements of the stage we don’t want the audience to see.

“Hubble Deep Field” or “Pale Blue Dot”?

I found the “Hubble Deep Field” more inspiring than the “Pale Blue Dot”.


The “Hubble Deep Field” explains how the pictures of the Space were taken by Hubble, and the “Pale Blue Dot” explains on the astonishing points of astronomy. Both videos explain where Earth is, and how Earth is very small compared to Space. There were more pictures of the space seen in “Hubble Deep Field” compared with “Pale Blue Dot”.


I like videos that explain how something was done. Explanations of how the pictures of the Earth was taken was generally more shown by the “Hubble Deep Field”. It explained how much time it took Hubble to take pictures of the Earth, and how Carl helped inspire people around the Earth. Both explain how Earth is very small compared to Space, but “The Hubble Deep Field” compares it to our daily life, whereas the “Pale Blue Dot” compares it to the history of civilizations and wars. Comparison of our daily life is better to imagine compared to the comparison to history since it is a subject that we all understand and do. Pictures of the space is a visualization on what space looks like. Having more pictures of the Space, the “Hubble Deep Field” helps us to visualize the size of the Space more than the “Pale Blue Dot”. Therefore, I found the “Hubble Deep Field” more interesting than the “Pale Blue Dot”.

The Loved and Loving Mother Changed the Leader

During “the barbarous days, … the custom of abandoning old people to die was not uncommon” (Basho 1). Like this, the farmer, the protagonist of the short story, gets an order from the leader of the Shining Province to execute all the aged people. In the short story “The Aged Mother,” Matsuo Basho creates a dynamic character who changes his opinions about the elderly because of the wisdom of the farmer’s mother that was saved with love.

At the exposition of the story, the prejudiced leader starts out thinking all aged people are not needed in the Shining province. According to the text, the governor of the Shining Province “[gave] strict orders to immediately put to death all aged people” (Basho 1). This demonstrates his thought that all aged are not desirable in the province. He did not feel the importance of the aged since he was afraid of people who were “suggestive of failing health and strength” (Basho 1). However, in the resolution of the story, the wisdom of the mother that was kept by her son’s love changed the governor into an open-minded leader of the Shining Province. The leader realized that Shining needs the wisdom of the aged as well as the strength of the youth. Finally, the leader realized and said, “‘the well-known saying, ‘with the crown of snow, there cometh wisdom!’” (Basho 2). He understood, from the rope of ashes made from the idea of the farmer’s mother, that the insights of the aged are often needed for the province to be well governed. Nobody in the province knew how to provide the leader with a rope of ashes, but only the farmer’s mother was able to make a rope of ashes with a twisted straw.

Matsuo Basho merges the theme of “The Aged Mother” throughout the course of the story. By having the son save his mother from death with love, and by his mother saving the province with her wisdom, the author constructs a theme that is very clear: the intelligence of all people should be kept with love. With the change of the opinions of the leader, it showed the readers how valuable all people’s knowledge is.

This theme could be related to Vincent Van Gogh, the famous painter’s tragedy. Van Gogh led the development of post-impressionism in the world of art. However, his arts were not welcomed by the people during the 1880s and often were rejected. Even though his paintings became famous after the death of Vincent Van Gogh, his paintings did not receive the spotlight from the people of his time. This was because of the static point of view of the people. If the people at that time were dynamic about the attitude towards the style of art like the leader of “The Aged Mother”, would Van Gogh’s paintings have received an abundant amount of welcome when he was alive?

The MYSTERIOUS Benedict Society


My favorite book that I have ever read is The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart.  I enjoyed this satisfying book because there are tests, schools, people, and problems that are unimaginable!  There are secrets in every “adventure” that the main character, Reynie Muldoon and his friends gets, which they find it unexpectedly.  I like to guess about the secrets, before I read on to make my reading interesting.  I think people that likes mysteries, will most likely to be attached to this book.  In this book, when one problem gets unfolded, another problem occurs and gets unfolded again. So I think people who love mysteries will probably enjoy this book.

Planet x459 Last Week/Reflection

We were having problems about diseases during the week. we had a town meeting so that we can solve this problem. We came up with drinking the milk (the cure) in the same time. But the problem was that people were not donating the buckets to the people. If we want to get buckets in return we have to give them  one iron so that they can get the iron used for the bucket back. We were arguing about this so the teacher banned us from the planet.

Mr. Stadham help us come up with a solution to help us go in the planet again. Also we talked about other peoples opinion and try to solve the argument. The government is trying to find another problem so that we can go back to the planet and solve the problem.

Planet x459 Week 2

We have been having lots of problems about the rules. So Chief Choi and the councilors decided to meet with other classes and think of a way to fix the problem with the rules and the penalties. Now we are trying to make a constitution of Planet x459 to let the citizens have the same rules and penalties to not get confused of the rules.

Recently, I have been dying of hunger because people are stealing food. Also people have been breaking my house and if I build it again they break it again so I can’t finish my house to live and eat. I am planning on asking for help to finish building my house. I wish my house is finished quickly.

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