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Researching Reliability


I can ensure my information is reliable when researching health-related topics on the internet by going through the CRAP Test (Currency Relevance Authority Purpose).




  • published in 2011 December 30


  • Audience – adults
  • Language – formal
  • Tone – unbiased


  • .gov URL
  • Scientific Journal
  • Published by PMC (US National Library of Medicine National Institute of Health)


  • To inform about Anxiety
  • The information are facts

– Its is somewhat unreliable


By looking at the date that the article was published, we can see how recent and up to date an article is. This gives a sense to the readers  when the statistics shown were based on, and how long ago the article was posted. The most recent articles would be more reliable than the other articles. Relevance refers to the usefulness of the information. Reading an article that are very complicated with an adult level of vocabulary can cause more confusion to teenagers. Having biased tone can only have the readers know about one side of a situation. By looking at the relevance, it is easy to find an article that matches my reading level and purpose. Authority refers to the source of information. Knowing where the information comes from and who it is published by can help determine the reliability of the information. It would not be reliable if it is not written by an expert of a subject. The purpose refers  to the reason of existence of the information. If it is there to persuade someone or for a use of propaganda, then it would probably be biased, making the source unreliable. Even though the source above is published by a reliable source, it is written about seven years ago, and it does not fit my reading level, which makes the source somewhat unreliable.


Where is your SUGAR?

In the past few weeks, we have been doing a project that includes Sugar-Free or No-Sugar week. This week was about having a week with little sugar (manmade, not natural) as possible or even no sugar in our foods we eat. The purpose was to know what nutrients each food have, and ow much of each food group we should eat more or less. Before the Sugar-Free week and after the Sugar-Free week was very different, having to take photos of each food we eat. It was different from snack all the way to dinner. We needed to find the “hidden” sugars, for example, glucose, which we learned about. Shopping was a great deal, as well as cooking it. When I first started it, it was exciting and was very looking forward to thins week. However, when the Sugar-Free week occurred, it was hard to take care of what I am eating, and what I should eat.

If we ever do this week again, I would change many things from what I did that week to meet a more HEALTHY CHOICE in my diet. I, personally will change how I am paying attention to the nutritions in each food. I usually didn’t even had a look at Nutrition Facts table on the package of the food. After the Sugar-Free week I noticed that I changed to looking at it carefully and deciding which company’s food is better. I think we need to change what we are eating as a family. During the Sugar-Free week, our family didn’t change their food pattern as I change mine. So I would like my family to look back at their food and find the most healthiest food they can find and eat them constantly. I think that the schools should change the drinks they sell in the cafeteria. Ice Tea, Juice, etc. has too much sugar in them, so I think they should be changed. I would prefer the foods in my home and in school should have low sugar, low sodium, low fat, low sodium, more vitamins, more minerals, etc.

My experience of Sugar Week was fantastic and challenging for me. Learning what are carbohydrates, fats, proteins, minerals, vitamins, etc. and what is a healthy food and a healthy choice for ourselves were fun, but also challenging as well. We learned the change between having sugar everyday and having no sugar everyday. What surprised me is that even though the calories we consume is the same, we can have different weight and nutritions in our body. I learned that making fruits into juices and drinking them is not as good as eating them fresh without anything else. I am interested in how many people are paying attention to what they are eating and how the 7 days without sugar can change our lives.

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