Throw a ball activity was were our team, Linie, Kelly, and I had to create an iMovie based on the tragectory of the ball thrown. From this activity, I learned the connection between linear functions and quadratic function with real life situations. The concepts went deeper into the concepts of M3 and M4 such as the y-axis and y- velocity graphs. This also allowed us to refresh our memories on the y-intercept, x-intercept (zero, solution, root), vertex, domain, and range. Our group was successful in collaborating to combine our ideas in the iMovie, and to successfully finish our task. Some challenges were the disagreement of the answers for the questions. Also, because logger pro was a new software to use, there were disagreements on how to use the specific software. Our team could further improve on describing the answers for the questions in detail. If we were to give another try, I would add more details to the descriptions and I would add the descriptions to the graphs. Overall, the project was an enjoyable way to review all the important concepts learned in Algebra1.