Where in our solar system should NASA focus future missions?


NASA should focus their future missions on the further discovery of Jupiter and Saturn’s moons.


“Scientists revisit data that points to water plumes on a moon of Jupiter”:

  • “Scientists suspect that warm, liquid water lives under Europa’s thick ice shell. Given that, this moon is considered a ‘top candidate’ by NASA for life on another world in our solar system.”
  • “Many questions remain about what is contained in the plumes, and whether that includes some form of life.”

“Search for life beyond Earth might only need go as far as Saturn’s rings”:

  • “[NASA] thinks [the hydrogen molecules found in Enceladus] could be coming from chemical reactions deep in the ocean. These reactions between water and rock could spark life for microbes”


Discoveries among Europa and Enceladus of the possibilities of life have been found, but the information given is still rough, and there are suspicions among the foundations. Therefore, future research to focus on further discovery of Europa and Enceladus. With the discovery of the water plumes in Europa and the hydrogen molecules found in Enceladus, scientists found the possibilities of life, which is considered crucial in the future explorations. Thus, future missions should be focused on further discovery among Europa and Enceladus.