Our first project of the year was to make a model stage based on a theme: nightmares and fears. The purpose of this project is to understand the various elements of scenic design on stage and implement it on a smaller scale. On the first class of this project, we made a collage of all the things that we feared. We used this collage as the inspiration for our model stage. My collage included the movie Toy Story, pictures of various bugs, etc. I tried to incorporate my fear of bugs, dolls, and Toy Story all in one stage, though it did not turn out as planned. Originally, I had planned to have the image of cockroaches coming out of the furniture and starting to take over the entire stage. I did not know how to represent the cockroaches in a smaller scale, so I ended up experimenting with various things, I tried putting paint on a bead of hot glue, then putting a drop of hot glue on paint. After trying different methods, I thought just putting oval drops of paint on the floor of my model would be the best way to show bugs. The result was not what I expected, though. The paint had dried into the right shade but had no 3-dimensional shape, and therefore ended up looking like drops of blood. Because of this, I had to change my idea. For my final design, I decided to remove the bugs. My stage has is about how a person was watching Toy Story and slept in the middle of it. He woke up in a world where he was a toy, with a large hand coming down to play with him. His arms and legs were pulled out and were dripping blood, and he was crawling to the door on the side of the house. When I was making this model, I think that I did some things well. For example, I think the bed I made in the background was made well, in addition to the TV in the front corner of the room. Some things I would change if I did this again is to find a better way to incorporate bugs into the scene. I would also make the transition between the palm and the thumb a little bit more natural, and have a more conventional seating arrangement compared to my current angled view.

This is an element from Lynn’s stage that I thought was very interesting. Normally, Teletubbies are portrayed as innocent characters, but she envisioned the Teletubbies as bloodthirsty monsters. I think that this is interesting way to make a setting, though it will be a bit shocking for children who grew up watching such television shows. I think that I will try to use things that seem innocent to do things tath are dark in the future if I make my stage.

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