For our final required design project, we were ordered to design a chair that incorporated elements of nature. After looking through various pictures of chairs and plants on Pinterest, I decided to combine a chair named the Globe Chair and lily pads to create my own chair design. While making the prototype, had to make revisions to my plan. At first, I was using cardboard to represent the separate pieces of padding. However, cardboard was hard to cut into an oval, so I used foam-core instead. The second change I made to my prototype was that I used mouldable clay for the base instead of half a styrofoam ball because the spaghetti strands were too brittle to stick into the styrofoam. Some changes I made to my design is that the seat is far more laid back, almost like a dentist chair. This chair was not meant to look like a dentist chair, but the combination of a mostly white composition and a very low angle makes it look as if it was meant to be in the dentist’s office.  Chair PDF

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