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Based on the one Spring Fair I have attended, I have realized that there is a shortage of authentic carnival games. Most of the stalls have random mini-games or have games that’s entertainment does not last long. As a solution to this problem, I thought that I should make a well-known carnival game that could entertain everybody for an extended amount of time. I decided to make a dunk tank. The dunk tank will be made of plywood, wooden beams, and acrylic, with the front panel made of clear acrylic and the rest out of plywood reinforced on the outside with wooden beams. I need to learn more about how the fish tank that is included in the Padlet is assembled so that I can make a similar one of my own. Some of the challenges I will face is the time constraints and the transportation of the dunk tank. I only have around 8 weeks left in the first semester, so I need to make all the calculations, revisions, and assemble all the parts. I also need a way to transport the dunk tank after I finish assembling.

A possibility that I can also consider is posting a tutorial for how to make a dunk tank similar to this on websites such as Instructables for other people to make if they want to.

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  1. Hi Minjun! I really like your idea and I think it’s going to a super fun experience. Keep in mind that there are a lot of aspects that you need to remember that are essential to the dunk tank working. The tank also needs to be waterproof! Will you be using a lever of some sort to dunk or like a trigger?

  2. I like the idea of interactive furniture that can be enjoyable (especially at school). Additionally, I think that the detailed descriptions on how you will design/create the dunk tank is really useful to know. Maybe try adding the 3 design brief to talk about the constraints of your furniture.

  3. Hi Minjun,

    This is a really fun idea for a design project. I have been pleased with your progress and investigations so far. Some things to consider:

    – Show as many examples as possible. Not just dunk tanks but anything that can inspire your idea – for example what other mechanical designs could help you come up with ideas? What other concepts could be embedded in your project?

    – What is the difference between making and designing? Try to be open to different creative possibilities – challenging for a project like this

    – Now is the time to do lots of sketches. Learn from the sketches of furniture and product designers to show a 3D drawing of how your design might work. Freehand (paper or iPad) is the best starting point then move into Tincercad so you can make a 3D prototype

    Stay in touch and let me know any time you need any help or feedback.

    Mr Griffin

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