After researching, making plans, and creating a 3D model for the dunk tank previously, I decided to make a miniature model out of laser-cut wood. I made plans in adobe to make miniature beams and side panels, then assembled them to make a model. Through making this model, I realized that I needed to calculate the distances between each beam precisely in order to distribute the pressure of the water evenly. I also realized that I needed to adjust the spacing of the side plates so that it creates a better fit, allowing the epoxy or other bonding compounds to have more surface area to bond. Additionally, I realized that the bottom plate needs to be a bit larger in order to have the side plates attach correctly.

I made the seat portion while the other materials arrived. I had a 44cm by 15cm piece of pine with a piece of sanded hardwood glued and screwed on top to provide a better seating surface devoid of splinters. I then chiseled out a groove in the pine at the bottom to allow for the hinge to fit in. At the end of the piece of pine, I plan to add a bracket on top, then have some string come down to be clamped by the release mechanism.



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