Dragon Dictionaries is the designed solution devised by freshmen in the hopes of solving the problem of discrimination based on language. It has come to our attention that some people are struggling in class due to their limited vocabulary, and thus are discriminated against. In order to combat this problem, we freshmen have come up with Dragon Dictionaries – an online database that allows teachers to upload, define and translate jargon or phrases that may be challenging for non-native English speakers. This website will allow students to follow along with the class easier, without the need to ask a large number of questions. Additionally, it will be advantageous for introverted people or people who despise public speaking since they would have no need to speak out and ask questions.

The website will be formatted so that teachers can add separate classes, then add lessons for each class, similar to how DX works. Within these classes, they would be able to add their vocabulary, definitions, and various languages to translate to.

There will also be a method to give feedback through the website in case the student wishes to give the teacher some constructive criticism about the list of vocabulary that was provided. The feedback loop will allow the teacher to cater to the needs of the student and the student to have a say in how something meant for them is to be made.

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