I think that design the process of making a product. A designer I look up to is Jim Bede, since he was able to create the world’s smallest jet-powered plane in the 1970s, while providing a kit plane without an engine for a decent price at that time, all while his company was facing bankruptcy. During this course, I want to learn to make more refined posters and other ways of presenting my ideas. I also want to improve on planning out my projects. The best thing I have made so far is a skateboard made of laminated plywood. During this semester, I would like to finish the project I started last year: making a dunk tank. Some skills I can bring to this semester are my ability to think outside the box and my experience with laser cutting and other woodworking skills.

Designer Profile

As I began my vector portrait, I found it very challenging to decide how I should divide my face. I first tried to divide my face into the smallest possible portions I could see. However, because I was using a photo that was of very low quality, I could not divide my face up correctly. I eventually decided to just divide my face into 2: a portion that was brighter and one that was darker. Mr. Griffin helped me when I was unsure about how to approach the ears since they were far more complex than other parts of my face. I feel that I learned to overcome the fact that I had a low-resolution photo and produced a vector drawing that represents me. My design persona is comparatively simple, something that is a common theme in most of my projects so far.

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  1. Hi Minjun, I hope you are well,

    Your portrait is excellent, and you have provided some great reflection on your decision-making. Have you been able to complete the poster? Please check the “Day 1” instructions to ensure you have completed everything before we begin the next task, tomorrow.

    Mr Griffin

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