As a task to prepare us for the actual design process, we were told to make observational and visualization drawings.

Observational drawing is important in design because it allows the designer to pick up details they would have otherwise missed. Since drawing an object realistically requires the artist to closely examine it, the artist will be able to notice things they wouldn’t have if they had only scanned over the item. For the observational drawing task, we were meant to draw 3 things using 3 different techniques: a glass cup using a pencil, a metal utensil using a pen, and a fruit using colored pencils. I believe that I did decently when drawing the glass cup. I managed to get draw how the light bent in some places, though I still need to learn to add highlights. I did not do such a good job with my pen drawing of a knife. The handle seems to be curved, but the blade does not have any definition. The last drawing, the orange, is not good. It looks like a solid block of orange and does not have any defining features.  

When I was doing visualization drawings, I tried to begin with basic shapes and gradually modify them to make unique designs. I also tried to base designs off of things I had seen done, such as putting glasses on backward.


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