The purpose of this unit was to learn about typography and how it is used. In order to do this, each of us was assigned a famous font to learn about and express. The font I got assigned was Minion, a font designed in 1990 by Robert Slimbach.

The first task was to conduct research regarding the font and creating a 400-word summary. In order to complete this task, I used google to search up as much information as possible about the font. I used websites such as Adobe(the company behind the font) and, in addition to the resources provided by Mr. Griffin in order gain information, after which I attempted to organize all of it into a paragraph.

The second task was to create a poster that explained the font in a more visually pleasing way. I created a visual hierarchy with the name of the font at the top, followed by the name of the designer and finally the explanation of font. I also added an alphabet and the portrait of the designer. The reason the background of the poster is a parchment paper is because it alludes to the late-renaissance period inspiration of the font, in addition to providing a good contrast with the letters.

The last task of this project was to create an illustration that was meant to capture the essence of the font. Mr. Griffin provided many examples, from which I drew my inspiration from. The font I researched was considerably modern, and so I thought that sharp contrasts and spaced out letters would be a good way to represent this font. At first, I used the name of the font to make illustrations. However, Mr.Griffin said that it would be better to use different words that show the character of the font.

Through this project, I was able to learn what typeface was and how it affects us. Since text is one of the most common ways to interact with someone, choosing the correct typeface for that occasion is crucial. Fonts can come in all shapes and sizes, some formal, some not. without any thought about the typeface, the design would not be communicated properly.

During this project, I learned about textual hierarchy and the ideal number of characters per row- 50 to 60. I believe that moving on, I would be able to utilize the skills I learned during these lessons to choose a font that is the best fit for the situation.

Moving on, I would like to learn what it takes to design a typeface, and would like to try to make one myself.

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  1. What an excellent reflection, Minjun. You have gone to a lot of effort to summarize typography, Minion, and the unit. I think someone who doesn’t know much about this stuff would learn a lot from this post!

    Well done for a great unit and I’m looking forward to seeing what you do next!

    Mr Griffin

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