The final unit for the 2019~2020 English 9 curriculum was on humor and self-responsibility. As we studied the usage of humor in plays and poems, we were also tasked with setting our own deadlines.

I learned during this unit the many ways literary techniques could be used to create humor within literary works. Irony, stage directions, hyperbole, and others are used within drama, prose, and poetry in order to create humor, which can be used for various purposes including comic relief and closure. A lesson that was also taught through this unit was time management and the setting of personal deadlines.

Although I have learned a lot during this unit, I wish to learn more about how humor is used in longer texts, such as short stories or novels. I also wish to learn about the effects of humor on the readers.

Unfortunately, I have not yet received a mastering grade for my assignments, meaning I have not fully achieved my SMART goal for this unit. However, I have learned a lot about drama and poetry. The biggest challenge I faced during this unit was time management. Although I had set a series of deadlines that were separated by 3 to 4 days, I almost always ended up doing all of the work on the very last day, often late into the night.

During this final unit, I believed I have been satisfactory for most of the SAL grades, with some strands touching upon exemplary. I have accepted the feedback given to me and improved on my assignments, and have attended most, if not all of the zoom meetings. I have completed all of my assignments on time without the prompting of Mr. Datlon, though I have procrastinated, which unfortunately means I cannot place myself in the exemplary section for time management. In terms of attitude, I believe that I have done similarly as I was able to set goals for realistic goals for myself and completed them, in addition to doing to optional extension(Mr. Dalton, if you read this before I write it down, trust me, I will). I still need to proactively seek feedback and make sure I spread out my work over the time allocated since if I procrastinate, having all of the deadlines one day after another would be a more effective use of time. I also need to participate in more conversations, something I believe has not been one of my strong suits during this period of e-learning.

Looking towards English 10, I hope to fix my problem with procrastination in addition to asking teachers for feedback before submitting the assignments.

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  1. Minjun, if you work out how to avoid procrastination please let me know…

    You have had a very strong year in English and I know you will build on this in grade 10. I’m just sorry I won’t be teaching you!

    Good luck with your studies next year.

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