Disat is meant to solve the problem we face every single day due to the Coronavirus – the social distancing. Although it is required to stay 1 meter away from all other people, it is challenging to accurately gauge how far someone is away. This product is meant to solve this problem through the implementation of 4 small distance(ultrasonic or infrared) sensors to detect objects that are closer than 1 meter. If it detects an object within the 1-meter radius, it will send a signal to the bracelet, causing it to vibrate and alert the user. It is very inconspicuous as the sensors do not protrude much and all of the wiring is sewn into the hat itself.

My original design at the beginning of the Design Process was a portable food dispenser. However, as I was sketching the designs, I realized that not having food at our fingertips is not as important as making sure that we are safe. From this, I began thinking of a product that would allow users to know when they are safe and when they are not. I settled on having a hat and a bracelet as those two accessories are very common and unnoticeable. Although it may not be possible to create as inconspicuous of a product that has been designed due to technological constraints, it is still possible to create similar products.

I think that the design process went smoothly and resulted in me creating a product that was useful and practical. However, if I were to do this another time, I would attempt to find a better name for the product as Disat is not the most attractive name.

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