Over the course of the semester, we learned many tools and skills to use when modeling using Fusion 360. The most memorable of which was using the Form tool to sculpt shapes.

I sculpted an Edge 540, one of the planes used in the Red Bull Air Races. I think I did a good job modeling the fuselage and most of the wings, but the wingtips and the control surfaces are not as accurate as I would like them. The propeller was the most challenging part of the build as I did not know the dimensions of the propeller, nor did I know how propellers were meant to be actually shaped. If I had known the Loft function, the creation of the propeller would have been easier. The underside of the fuselage was also challenging as I needed to model the extruding exhaust, along with both of the landing gear that was attached to each side.

I started with 3 pictures of the plane, taken from the front, side and top respectively. I then created a rectangle in the Form mode and dragged the vertices to places that matched fuselage the pictures. I added planes the shape of the wings to the side of the fuselage before extruding them and forming them again. A similar process was used for the landing gear and the propeller. I created a separate form for the canopy and joined them later as I couldn’t create the shape I wanted with the original form.

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