For the time capsule that represents the COVID-19 situation we’ve experienced so far, I’ve gathered a video, an articles, a graph, and a photo

The first thing to put in the time capsule is the following video.

This video is from the Netflix series “Patriot Act” where Hasan Minhaj, a comedian, explains social, economic, and political issues in a humorous manner. This video was chosen because it gives both a brief overview of what had happened, as well as pointing out a problem that was caused by the Coronavirus. This information would be useful for both economists and political scientists as is explains the problem of having a government that focuses solely on profit and efficiency without taking stability into consideration. These artifacts are important for economists and political scientists of the future since it would allow them to learn from our mistakes and make sure to have a robust supply chain that will not break down due to a pandemic.

The second artifact is a news article that would be important to economists as it explains the economic impacts of the pandemic.
This article allows the readers to understand that the pandemic not only threatened the lives of hundreds of thousands of people but also had lasting impacts on the global economy. This would allow them to better prepare for future pandemics since they know what to expect.

This graph from the WHO that provides information regarding the confirmed cases and deaths due to COVID-19.
This artifact would be important for geographers and historians as it shows the number of infected people by region and country, allowing them to understand where the virus originated from, as well as how each of the regions handled the virus, allowing the geographers and historians of the future to gain a better understanding fo the progression of the pandemic. It would also allow them to learn about the effectiveness of the governments.

The last artifact is a photograph taken from a USA Today article titled ‘LAX passenger from Mexico City receives medical treatment amid coronavirus fears’.

This artifact is important to historians as it would allow them to understand the experiences we were forced to lived though due to the pandemic.

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