My product will be a glider that will have a wingspan of 20cm, around the same width as the length of the fuselage. All of the pieces will be made of 1.5mm plywood, with the wing being folded over itself. The finished product will hopefully be durable enough to last more than 10 throws and will fly better than a simple wooden stick.

I will be using the Fab Lab extensively in order to design my project. I plan to use thin plywood in order to create all of the sections of the plane, from the fuselage to the wings themselves. By using the laser cutter, I plan to thin down the plywood enough that it bends over itself and creates an airfoil.

I will begin by sketching possible wing designs in Adobe Illustrator, in addition to the design of the fuselage. I will try out the different methods of folding the front edge over, then cut the final piece and attach it to the laser-cut fuselage with rubber bands. I hope to create a glider that can fly predictably, even if it does not fly for long as that would mean that the wing that I designed was functioning properly and that it was not just the random flow of air that allowed the glider to fly.

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