Monika Midd- Plastic Problem

Answer to driving question:

    One thing I found really surprising was that plastic just doesn’t affect the environment and us it affects the economy too. For example when we drill oil for the plastic it boosts the economy because oil is a booming business. But is it worth the environment and us? Before this project I use to think that we just need to recycle the single use plastic, now I think that recycling isn’t the answer, just not buying or using single use plastic is. During this project I learned that the single use plastic can only be recycled only 4 times before it is cant be recycled anymore. This showed me that recycling may delay it getting thrown out but still leaves a significant mark on our Earth. Looking back on this project, I realize that we can’t just look at consumption and substantiality separately. They should be thought as sustainable consumption. This is when the products are produced, but still minimizing the resources used. And minimizing the impact on the environment to preserve for the future generations to come. If we don’t do this now there will be now future Earth for our generations. However, I am still disappointed how some people ignore the fact that we killing our environment. Before you buy anything think about this, “It may be cheap and affordable but is it really worth our Earth? ”


In this project we learned about single use plastic, how its made, how its distributed and how it is disposed of. We learned about the whole process  through research and more research. We learned how it affects the environment, the economy and us, then we tried to convince people not to buy the single use plastic with our own creations.

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