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Politics and Knowledge


TOK-First Semester reflection

In the first semester, the most appearing things to me is watching the video “Truman show” . The “Truman show” shows how modernise are technology is nowadays and how could that affect/control a person for his whole life. We also learnt about  how misinformation can be spread very easily, and people didn’t recognise that they were spreading fake news.

I learnt a lot through TOK, we had learnt things that I never thought of, for example it is the technology that is controlling us rather than we controlling it, I am shocked that there are lots system and  people is controlling you behind your screen, also they know what your are interested in , so they can fit you with something you like.

We did a group activities on TOK exhibition, we need to choose a theme and link it to an object , what our group chose was eyes, and what we chose to link it  together is video games. We gave a real life example of how people get addicted to electronic devices.

To summarize semester one, I believe that we need to finish classwork and homework before the deadlines , use widely the TOK class session, remember to give pros and cons for every evidences that I am using. Last but not least, I need to give a realistic real life  example to support my point.

Interview our parents how they learn without technology devices

-What tools did they use when they were going to school to learn and/or to produce knowledge?

They learnt with textbooks and use note book for notes taking, The advantages of using note book and text book was more practice on writing and reading , it helped them to memorize the content better , and most of them have better hand writing comparing with student today, beside the group project were done face to face so there were more interaction among the students , and the project were reported in person with a poster or cardboard , as they didn’t have electronic devices. The disadvantages that they were overloading with books and paper as people carried loads of  books to school every day. Secondly it took them longer time to search for information as they could only find it in the library. Last but not the least, due to the fact that they used lots of paper for homework and projects, it was not environmentally friendly that more trees were killed in order to produce the paper.

  • What were their experiences in school like, and how do they compare with your own?

Their experience in school were more interactive with a lots of Physical interaction among students,  they went to the cafeteria together during break time , and some of them mingled in groups. However nowadays we usually spend time on phone during the break , talking with people outside the school instead of talking to people in the school. Secondly, my parents spent most of their free time on sport, music or art, as there weren’t many choices for leisure. Similarly, we also enjoy playing sport , listening to music and doing art in our free time but we have better equipment such as iPad , iPhone and air pod which are more convenient. Lastly, It was harder for them to reach out to the teachers for help, as they need to make appointment and took a longer time. But for us,   we could email the teachers to make an appointment and they will reply as soon as they see the message , so this is more efficient and easier for us.

Reflection-Independent Reading

Winter Forest by Michelle Houts

What questions do you want to ask of the text? The first question I would like to ask the author is Where did you got the inspiration of this novel? and I think some of the story content is too fake , how could Bettina’s parents leave a twelve-year-old in charge of her eleven-month-old sister in the middle of winter for several days? How could the neighbors, supposed to be checking-up on them, not call the police when the girls were missing? How could Bettina herself not call the police when Pia went missing–or at least tell the neighbors?

How does the text connect to you on a personal level? How does it relate to your life?The text is connected to me a little bit , although I just read around 40 pages,  sometimes I still believe that elf are true but sometime not, this story is about nisse in the forest and it is similar to elf, because when I was little my dad will pretend he is the Santa Claus and hided present under the Christmas tree while I was asleep, and everytime the present will be something that I like,then my parents told me that the elf will collect data on what every child like and they will tell Santa Claus. So I believe on elf strongly and like how  Bettina’s grandpa strongly believe on nisse.

What prediction can you make about the rest of the novel? I think Bettina will go to find her sister and she may meet the nisse? and the nisse will lead her to her sister?

What has the novel made you realize, either about the text or yourself? I realized that how important to look after your sibling….

What do you know for sure, and how do you know it?

Hi ! My name is Natalie , this is the first year I am in Beijing(ISB) , I am really looking forward to meet more people and teachers, I come from Hong Kong, and I had been in Shanghai for 6 years, I have an elder brother who is currently study in university at London. I haven’t seen him for months because of the travel restrictions by the COVID-19.

What do you know for sure, and how do you know it?

I know for sure that communication is the most critical skill in the future, First of all, communication become more convenient and efficient  with the development of social media and other digital platforms. We communicate more than ever in the history .The messages are easily get around through WeChat, Instagram, WhatsApp  and all other channels, so the skill to create simple ,direct and attractive messages is important to make a impactful communication. Secondly, due to the rapid development of AI technology, lots of skills can be performed by the robots, for example, skills of analysis and manufacturing. However, communication can’t be done by robots as well as humans, communication require the complex functioning of the human brain, how to receive and process messages can’t be easily replace by AI. Therefore, the ability to communicate effectively is unique and it is  the human’s strength now and tomorrow.

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