"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious" - Albert Einstein


  • What makes a particular photograph a portrait?

If you can see the feeling in the photograph, then it is a portrait.

  • Are Selfies Portraits?

It depends on how you take it and what feeling you put in it.

  • What should or shouldn’t be included within a portrait?

There should be one and one character only, and the background shouldn’t be so obvious if not necessary

  • What makes a “good portrait?”

A good portrait shows a lot of emotions and make the main subject very clear.

  • Can a portrait consist of a small detail only, such as a close-up of a hand?


  • When does a more abstracted representation cease to become a portrait – for example a blurred figure, or a photograph of a person that has been torn, ripped or faded?

If you can show a strong feeling in it

  • Is it possible to represent a person photographically without them being present in the image – for example, through a Still-life, an arrangement of inanimate of objects? And if so, can this continue to be called a portrait?

It is possible and might still be able to be called a portrait

  • Does a portrait have to be a single photograph? How about a sequence of images?

A portrait can only be a image.

Red Photos

I had chosen these three pictures I took because although they’re not necessarily the prettiest, they match best with my photographer, Uta Barth, and they require the most skills and techniques of me in photography. These subjects can only look like how they look because I adjusted the camera to the extreme focus of light.

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