One Day 2k19- Last post

So, for the last blog post, heres what I did for each block (accompanied with pictures because I’m awesome like that :)))))

First block- 8:30-9:45

For the first block of the day, I laid down the basic sketch of my hand, along with the rings. I later erased the first rough sketch then traced the left over lines to get a clean first sketch.


Break- 9:45-10:00

I visited Ray and Evelyn’s room where they were making music, it was fun.

Block 2- 10:00-12:05

I started to shade in the the hand, and I drew a messy sketch of the rope placements.

Block 3- 12:35- 2:00

I finalized the hand drawing, and cleaned up the lines for the strings.

Last Block- 2:00- 3:25

I finished the ropes, therefor completing my part of the drawing, then joyce and I put our pieces together.

Here’s the final piece!

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