Express It Ignite Week-Post 1

For this year’s second ignite week, I am choosing to do “humans of ISB” a project similar to that of “Humans of New York”, but instead we’re doing it at ISB, and we’re going to draw charcoal portraits of a human that we took a picture of. For my picture, I did a ninth grader named Kevin, whom I previously knew from yearbook design last year. I decided I wanted to photograph freshmen or seniors because I wanted to compare the difference between the start and end of high school, which is the last grade section you can learn in any school before going off to college. I chose him because he was happened to be in the library for study hall, and thats where I went to find people to take pictures of, since I had the previous knowledge that a lot of high schoolers are in the library every day.

Below are the photos that I took:

And this is one is the photo of Kevin:

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