COVID-19 Time Capsule

covid-19 time capsule

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Final Reflective Blog Post for English Humor Unit

Through this unit of English studies, I learned new techniques such as dramatic humor, and I learned that humor is not about noble things but instead built on top of traits such as ignorance. One thing I would like to explore would be the other factors that effect humor, for example: why would a performance seem dull even when humor is intended? As mentioned by many students, some of the plays from CONFUSIONS were not as humorous as intended, what was the reason behind that? My SMART goal for the unit was to develop deeper and more meaningful analysis through constantly questioning myself. I think I achieved slightly deeper analysis in my paragraph and dialectical journals, but it was through feedback from my peers and my teacher. For this reason, I feel I only partly achieved my goal. I feel the CER paragraph was challenging because we had to select which aspect of the poem we wanted to focus on, construct a CER connecting the theme, and keeping in mind that everything had to be concise. I found this particularly challenging because I started off choosing a poem that I did not fully understand, and because I am not the most concise writer I can be. One of the greatest successes I have had this unit is that I took more initiative at asking for feedback from people. Usually, I would not have asked for feedback from my peers unless the teacher instructs me to, but this time, I had a lot of help from my peers as well as my teacher. I feel I have met the Student as a Learner criteria for “responsibility” and “attitude”. This is because I actively asked for peer feedback during this unit, and I meet deadlines. For example, when I felt I could not meet the deadline I set for my dialectical journal entries, I emailed my teacher, asking her for an extension. However, I do think I have to more actively take on challenges. While selecting my poem, for example, I did try to look for the ones which I thought were going to be easier to analyze, instead of giving myself a challenge. I would have to take more risks and persevere when I find things challenging. As of the entire year, I have grown so much as an English learner and explored so many different and new things in English 9. This includes looking at propaganda posters and how they convince their intended audience, learning how to persuade, how humor is created, analyzing quotes, analyzing poems… because of e-learning, I have also learned to perform in front of the camera (when we had to analyze a propaganda poster), and how nervous I looked when I did the “virtual public speaking”. I do think that I have learned more from my teacher than from doing the tasks though. I think this is because my teacher guides me and questions me in order to bring out deeper analysis instead of just giving me the answer. This has really helped me think through my ideas and my work. Through English 9, I have also learned about time managing, and negotiating with others before-hand when something said cannot be accomplished. For my future learning in English 10, I would like to challenge myself more often, and become better at managing my time.

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Weekly Check-in – Tutor Training I

As the weather gets warmer and warmer, the end of the pandemic (coronavirus) is getting closer and closer. As a fairly slow learner, I have finally adjusted and adapted to eLearning. Writing the What I’ll Give Back essay really made me think back into past events and further into future events: what I should do to make a difference, and how to give back to others. After writing the essay, I am starting to think it is crucial to reflect upon my actions once in a while, by doing so, I get to see what I have done well, as well my flaws. Then I can figure out ways to improve and do better next time.

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English Reflection – Editorial Cartoons

From the formative and summative analysis of the editorial cartoons. I have learned that my English speaking skills are still very far from complete. Although I try to engage my audiences, make my speech interesting and of good quality, but thinking about what to say and forming sentences that make sense take up almost all my attention. What I learned about analyzing visual texts was that details really matter. Whether that is the shading, choice of color, how a character is portrayed, everything that was added into an editorial cartoon has its purpose.

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Weekly Blog Reflection – Tutor Training I

The Canvas course really educated me with knowledge that I have never known before. I feel I have made progress, and grew as both a student and as a tutor. However, I am certain that this is only the first and the simple beginning of becoming a model tutor. I will apply the knowledge I have learned in the Canvas course to the students I might tutor in the future, and to becoming a better learner myself.

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Weekly Reflection – Tutor Training I

I am almost done with the Canvas course. I used to find it more difficult than interesting, but as I progressed through the lessons, I started to find them more and more interesting and fun to do. I think I will actually miss doing it when it is finished.

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Tutor Training – Reflection 3

I think I am a bit behind the schedule for Canvas, but aside from that, everything has been fine lately. I learned many new phrases as well as techniques for tutoring. The counselor is very helpful and always give me very positive and constructive feedback on my work. I am getting more and more familiar with the website than I was before, looking forward to the  courses ahead of me.

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Tutor Training I – Reflection 2

So far everything has been great. The tasks are now mostly reading tasks and check in quizzes. After the check in quizzes, there would be a google doc assessment. Everything is going pretty good.

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Tutor Training I – Start of Course Blog Post

The assignments I have been doing so far are all pretty much self introductions, and or questions that are asked to check how much I know about one thing. To my surprise, I find the assignments very interesting! The readings are very informative and say a lot about how to be an excellent tutor. (for example, what trains an ideal tutor should have). I want to learn more about what I should do to earn those skills and traits.

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IDU – Final Reflective Blog Post

During the process of collaborating with my peers, I learned a lot of things that helped me grow as both a team member and an individual. At the start of the project, I have to admit; I felt a bit lost. Our team aimed to be ahead of schedule; however, there were times where we got confused with the deadlines and had to rush through. Although this project was designed to be a group project, many parts of it replied on individuals to take responsibility. Whether it is group work or individual work, this project taught me a lot. 

I would not say our group did an extraordinary job of communicating and collaborating. There were times where we would misunderstand each other, and end up very confused and, at times, a little frustrated. Take one time as an example; a group member asked everyone whether we could do the ppt together after-school. I said yes, expecting it to be done at home through WeChat call. However, that was not what he had intended. What ended up happening was a situation where I went home, another group member could not stay because he had class, and only one group member stayed after school. We had to call in the evening to work on the ppt together. This is not the only challenge of collaborating with others. I would consider the three of us to have very different ways of running our lives and organizing time. It is very often that we do not see each other while we are working online but then see “unread changes” the next time we get onto the shared documents. There, of course, are times where one of us asks to call and do work together, but some of us do have other things to do and are unable to pick up or are only able to call for a short period. However, this is where (I feel) my strength as a team member comes in. 

I would consider myself as someone who does my part when it comes to group work. When we discuss how to share the workload during our group time, I make sure I do my part and bring it to the group the next day. My teammates do a great job as well. When we were working on the design brief, we marked out each person’s park and asked each person to bring the paper home to complete their park. Every group member did their parts to their best ability and handed it to the next person the next day. There was not once where someone had forgotten or not done their assigned job. One other thing I think I did well on was leading conversation. If I am honest, I would say everyone in our group prefers to stay quiet and only speak when 100% necessary. Because of this, it wasn’t easy for us to discuss with each other, even when the teacher asks us to. Seeing this situation, someone had to initiate the conversation; I usually do the job of starting the conversation, then asking them to join. There are things that I need to improve on as both a team member and an individual. I like to procrastinate… this does not mean I do not do the work or that I hand it in late, it just means I often do it right before I need it or late. This flaw of mine impacted my teammates and me on multiple different levels. I usually work on the project at night, before I sleep. This means my teammates do not see me working on the project from when school ends till the afternoon. This action might make them feel like I will not work on the project. Because of this, sometimes my teammates think they have to do more work then they needed to, to make it up for me. This means more stress for them and more guilty feelings for me. I have tried solving this problem by talking to my teammates and telling them they do not have to worry about my part, but I guess actions speak louder than words. When I continue to procrastinate on my work and do it at night, they continue to do extra. If I were to do this project again, I would do things differently. 

If I were to rank our team norms based on their degree of importance, the list would probably look like this: 

  1. Each team member fulfills their responsibility 
  2. Communicate and listen to others with respect 
  3. Be present in conversations 
  4. Be calm and rational to others’ opinions 
  5. Be flexible and willing to change 
  6. Communicate through WeChat group 

In our group, the ones that were the easiest to achieve would probably be listening to each other with respect and fulfilling our responsibilities. Whenever someone speaks, everyone listens to them no matter what they were working on before. As I mentioned earlier as well, everyone in our group does their part in the assigned time. The difficult one for us to implant would be to be willing to change. We do accept each other’s opinions, but sometimes it takes a little bit of persuading and proving of one’s point for everyone to finally all agree. Like when we were deciding on who our target audience should be, we all had very different ideas. It took a little while for us to figure out. 

All in all, collaborating with my peers was a pain (as group work can be stressful at different times) as well as an honor. I would not say we did the best we could do as a team, but everyone worked hard to produce what we had. There were many times where we have struggled, but everything worked out at the end. I have to admit I was not the best group mate I could have been. Through this experience, I gained knowledge about how to become a better group member, as well as a more responsible person. IDU was a great experience. 

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