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Graphic Design Logo

Graphic Design Logo for ITZME



  • What challenges did you face? Deleting anchor points and still have the same smooth line it was before but with fewer anchor points.
  • What tips do you hope to remember to use in the future? Remember to use the shape builder tool to connect different shapes and to be able to cut out different shapes from shapes with the use of the shape builder tool. Also with the use of this tool that you can make your objective into multiple different colors at once easily.
  • How can you use some of these techniques in your own designs? I will probably use the shape builder tool to shape ou the ground for my own logo and finding new shapes with help of it that can be used in the logo


These are 50+ ideas and sketches I had for my logo design and they are just drawn out very quickly with some small changes on some of them just while other of them were totally different from the previous one. The ones that are small changes on can just be that I tried to place the font in a different position to the logo. There are also different font styles on here when. was trying to figure out a good way to type out ITZME and combined it with the logo. The ones that are made in the black pen were the designs that i wanted to put into illustrator and create so I drew them up in a more sharp way and detail way and spent some more time on doing that.



















Links to images of the letters

Letter Design

Flower sample

Wave Sample














These letters were created to get a view of different styles I could have the starter letter of ITZME and we created the same type of letter in both illustrator and procreate to see which one we liked the most.

I personally like illustrator more because I find it easier to make shapes and edit shapes in illustrator than in procreate on the Ipad but that can also be because I am more used to using illustrator.  I would say that it is easier to make more round shapes on procreate than it is on illustrator but it is easier on illustrator to make more sharp shapes and boxes. It is also easier to play around with different colors on illustrator because you can just select the object and then change the color.












These are the different designs for my final logo I have come up with, I am still deciding how i should put the font to the design of the logo and what looks best of it. Some feedback I got was that I should try to put the font in the middle of the logo and have the font bigger and that is what I tried in the bottom right corner. I like it better when it is on the top or below the design and not in the middle over it.



These are some more photos of the designs I did and was playing around with the feedback I got and did some more designs of the feedback. I did kind of like the style when putting the text in the middle but I found that it looked better with the text outside of the logo. I also tried out the logo in different colors to different backgrounds mostly to see how the different colors looked to different backgrounds colors. Also tried to do the smiling face but I think that it was a bit too complicated to make to rounded shape at the bottom of it.




Link to the Ai file of the designs

All Logo Designs



ITZ ME Triangle
















These are the mockups I did with my logo design. I did with both logos because I have not fully decided which one to go with and I felt that it would be good to see both of them on some different things.

Final Logo Design









This is the logo I chose to use as my final and I like of it looks and also the color combination of it with the blue as the main color and black behind as a bit of shading to get it to look a bit more alive.

The Ai file to the final logo and some more designs that I really liked

Final Logo Design

Reflection to the client’s aspect of the logo

The final logo shows that client with music sound waves at the top under the font ITZME and I added music in the middle to make it more clear that it was a music logo if the sound waves didn’t make that part clear of the logo. The stage name is ITZME and it is centered on the logo so you can see the name of the artist clearly and the color choice of the final logo is blue and that is to represent Australia because he is from Australia from the beginning and wanted to get that into the final design of the logo.  I did some red ones that would represent China but I felt it was better to go with his home country to get represented in the logo.

I think that this logo will interact with a young audience because it is very clear and there is not to much things on it and on the same way it is not the little stuff on the logo so i think that the audience will find that the logo has a good balance adn that it can be put on many different things and still look good.

Personal reflection of the final logo

I chose this as my final logo design because it is more clear and not as complicated I feel like because it has straight lines and nothing is rounded out in the shape form of the logo. I also think that blue was the best color for it because it is visible to different colors on backgrounds. Something I feel that could get some more work on the logo could be that the lines that are going down from ITZME to make than a bit bigger so you can see them better and also what color they are in because you can’t really see what color they are in now when they are so small. Something I would do next time would be to add these lines on the letter of MUSIC in the middle of the logo because they are already at the main name of the logo but I would like to have the same style through out the whole design so that is something that I would do differently next time.




Elements and Principles in Graphic Design

Elements and Principles in Graphic Design


  • What is the role of elements & principles in graphic design?

The roles of elements and principles are that they are used together to create something that is looking good and are satisfying the user’s experience with it.

  • What is this design task all about?

This design task is to create a general understanding of the different design elements and principles of design to be able to create your own design with help from these different elements and principles.

  • Why did you make your bookmark to look this way?

This is my bookmark with points which is a design element. I wanted to make a simple design for the points so put some points into it. I was playing around with doing different patterns with the points but I didn’t like that so I just put them out randomly in some different sizes. I also wanted to make something with the background with more than one color, so I did it to go from one color to another color and I like how this bookmark turned out.




This is my second bookmark with repetition which is a design principle. For this, I wanted to use some different shapes and colors, I was looking at different ways I could make a good pattern or repetition but I think this was the best one so I used different boxes to create repetition and then put in different colors to make the repetition bigger within the boxes to and I like the end result.





Graphic Design Poster


My final poster












What is design?

Design to me is a process of something getting created and have a meaning behind the look of it. The viewer that is looking at the design can create its own meaning behind the work of the design.

Goals and interest in design:

My goal for Graphic design is to learn design principles, and how they are used to create a design and that useful and good-looking at the same time and something that other people would find interesting.

My interest in design is more of logos and things we use in our daily life, like things we can’t be without.

The process of my poster and how it was made: 



This is the photo I started creating my poster with and this is the final result.






Step 1,
My first step in this portrait made was to find a photo of myself and then making an outline of my hair, face, hand, and shirt by using the pen tool in adobe illustrator. The next thing I did was to put in some color in the outlines that I had created that was looking good and was somewhat my skin tone.


Step 2,
In the light I was sitting in this photo I chose I have some part that is brighter and some that are darker. I did some change to the color and where the skin tone was brighter I did the skin tone on my portrait brighter and the same for the parts the was a bit darker to get more contrast of the portrait and also the shape my nose.


Step 3,
I was outlining my eyebrows and my mouth with the pen tool as well and forming them into the shape of my own eyebrows and mouth and also putting the same color on the eyebrows as the hair and a good color for my lips on my mouth.



Step 4,
For this step, I outlined my eyes and the color in them and the pupil as well. it was kind of hard to make the eyes look good without having. black outline around them and that is why I chose to have the outline left of the form of the eyes to make them look better.



Step 5,
I chose to just go with a basic black background because I felt like my portrait would look good in that color and you would see the shape more clearly because of the contrast from the black background.



Step 6,
For my last step, I chose to put in some more colors that represent me and what I like to do inside of the different boxes. I also put down my name.  Left some of the boxes empty because I didn’t want to have too much text on this poster and I wanted to have it clean with less text.



Things I could do differently next time: 

I think that if I were to do this project again I would try to get in some more colors in the hair like some brighter hair straws and some that are a bit darker to get a better feel for the hair so it isn’t just flat.

Different Styles of portrait: 

I like these portraits because they are simple and not many words on them. I also like the use of color that they are limiting it down to not have more than 3 main colors in these portraits but they still have some different tones in the colors. They also have a clear massage on what is going to happen or what has happened and i think that the colors bring to that point as well.








I don’t like these as much because of the first one from the left side I feel like it is too many things that are happening in it and it is hard to get a simple message from it.  The second one I feel has too many words on it and it is hard to know where to start reading it all. the last one has a bit too small text at the bottom because you can read what it says and it is also hard to see some of the people in the middle of it to the black.












Digital Portrait











By Nick Abramov


  • Who created the portrait and how?

The creator of this portrait is Nick Abramov

  • How would you describe the portrait style? What does it tell you about the person?

The style of this portrait is straight forward with the different sizes of triangles that Nick is using.

  • What design elements can you identify?

He is using mostly triangles and some square formed objects to form the shape of his work and the colors are mostly cool colors and there are some warm colors in the background that is coming from the sun.

  • What do you like about each example and how might it work for your self-portrait?

I like this portrait from the use of different shapes in it with mostly triangles that are building up most of the portrait but it also has some more square looking shapes to it as well. I think this style will work well with my own portrait if I make a brighter background and a darker shirt or something in that style.









By Marina Okhromenko

  • Who created the portrait and how?

Marina Okhromenko is the creator behind this portrait.

  • How would you describe the portrait style? What does it tell you about the person?

The style of this portrait has a more round style to it than the previous one. it also looks more like bubbles in his face.

  • What design elements can you identify?

There are bright colors in this portrait and the shapes are rounded like bubbles on his face.

  • What do you like about each example and how might it work for your self-portrait?

I like this portrait because it has a more rounded texture to it than the first portrait I choose. Also because the colors that are chosen to be used in this portrait whit brighter colors and I feel like it brings more joy to the picture and I feel like it would do the same to mine.










By Gada Jermy

  • Who created the portrait and how?

The creator behind this portrait is Gada Jermy.

  • How would you describe the portrait style? What does it tell you about the person?

I would describe this portrait as creative and moving because of the shapes of the face and the lines that are colored on the head.

  • What design elements can you identify?

The colors that are bright in this portrait are mostly neon, and there is black as a background to give a good contrast to the face so you can see it clearly. The lines aren’t straight in this portrait, they are more “moving” and going in different directions in a smooth way.

  • What do you like about each example and how might it work for your self-portrait?

About this portrait, I like the color choice with none looking colors that are bright and the feeling that the colors in the face are moving around in their own directions.









By Osama Abu ElGheit

  • Who created the portrait and how?

The creator of this portrait is Asama Abu ElGheit.

  • How would you describe the portrait style? What does it tell you about the person?

The style of this portrait I would say have a more cartoon looking style to it with the look of hair and face lines and how he has worked with the colors.

  • What design elements can you identify?

The lines of his face are straight and the color scheme of this portrait is very straightforward of how an actual person would look like and the background is just plain white.

  • What do you like about each example and how might it work for your self-portrait?

I like the look of the cartoon in this portrait and i think that it would be fun to make that on my own portrait that I am going to create.











By Dávid Kuriško

  • Who created the portrait and how?

Dávid Kuriško is the creator behind this portrait.

  • How would you describe the portrait style? What does it tell you about the person?

The style of this portrait is a human that is slowly fading away from right to left and it is in black and white.

  • What design elements can you identify?

The face is in black and white with a pink background that gives a good contrast to the portrait. There are both soft and straight lines in this portrait.

  • What do you like about each example and how might it work for your self-portrait?

What I like about this portrait is that it is in black and white and also that the face is slowly disappearing from the right to left and I think that this would look really cool to make my own portrait with.

X Design Persona Poster

My inspiration:

  • What is design?

Design is something that is creative and people like it and is using it. it can be a design of furniture or something else that people like.

  • What inspires me about design?

Things that inspire me with design are all the different things you can create and make that you like.

  • What are my favorite design examples?

I like new design ideas for car models and also concept cars because I find it interesting how they are thinking about how it should look. I also like different designs for logos.

  • Who are my favorite designers?

I don’t really have a favorite designer because I more just go with the designs I like instead of going with a special designer.

Me as a designer:

  • What’s my most memorable experience designing (or creating) something? Why?

I remember in 6th grade in my old school we were designing and creating a bridge and that was fun because it needed to be able to hold a minimum of some kilos for a minute or something like that.

  • What would I like to get better at doing as a designer? (Eg drawing, presenting, digital design, fabrication, photo-editing, sharing, collaborating, etc)

I would like to get better at digital design and using programs on the computer that you are creating a digital design in and photo-editing because I find photo-editing funny and would like to get better at it.

  • What do already do pretty well? (Eg drawing, presenting, digital design, fabrication, photo-editing, sharing, collaborating, etc)

I feel like I am good at collaborating and like to work with others on projects and get up with ideas together

Studio art Duplicating Life Project

Studio art Duplicating Life Project process

10 images of people doing everyday activities ​

– 3 pictures from 3 pop artists with a reflection question ​

They use bright colors and everyday activities so it is easy to relate to.

– Duane Hanson artist reflection ​

– Idea Development 1 ​

This is my idea that I had from the beginning and it shows that all people don’t have money now in these times and still need to go to work even do the weather is bad outside and public transport might also be closed down in the situation we are in right now.

– Idea Development 2 ​

This is the final idea we got from combining our first ideas. On here we also have materials we will need for this and also the places where we are thinking of placing this figure.

– How did your group pick the final idea? ​

From all the ideas we had, we decided to go with a person that I had and it was holding an umbrella that is protecting it, and the person itself is drowning in a hole. I had the umbrella myself in my first sketch and the drowning person where Brandon’s idea. Asher was fine with this decision so we went with it and we are now in the progress of making it.

Final Journal for Studio Art

Reflection for Final Journal for Studio Art

Progress and development of my work

This is my first sketch of my Pac man that I draw for my pop art assignment, and I got this idea of Pac man just looking through different characters, and I found him. I felt that this was a character that I could draw.  I took this sketch and put it onto my bigger painting.

For the big painting, I did chose to go with the bright colors, yellow, red, and orange, and they are also the original colors for the Pac man character, so I felt to go with does color. This picture is from the first bit of drawing I did on Pac man I liked how the first part of it turned out. This is just one layer of color in the picture, and the next class, I was painting a second layer on the shoes and the gloves because I felt that those parts needed more color to it because there were a lot of small white dots in it.

For my third painting process photo, I have filled in the eyes and the mouth in black color to outline the eyes and the mouth area. I also decided to paint the outline of the figure in black to give him a small bit of cartoon feeling to Pac man. The original Pac man character has outlines, but they are a lot thinner than the outline I made. I made my outline around Pac man a bit larger so that you could see it a bit more clear.



This is from where I got my inspiration for doing my Pac man character and also the style of him with the form of his hand si just kind of took them right of from this example, but I made both eyes open, and I skipped the nose and made the mouth smaller and place the eyes an the mouth straight on the face from the front.


This painting from Keith Haring was also an inspiration for me because from the beginning, I wanted to do a Pac man figure with smaller Pac man inspired things such as the small ghost that is in the Pac man game, but I would just have been painting the outline in black like Keith was doing in his painting.



 When I was going to make the smaller ghosts inside the big Pac man, I decided to try to do it on an iPad first to get a look at how it would look and also get a sense of how to make the ghosts. When I did that, I felt like I didn’t really wanna do that anymore, so for my final artwork, I did not do the small ghosts inside of the Bigger Pac man painting.


This is how my final artwork looks like, and I like how it came together with all the colors and the outline around him.

Meanings behind my artwork


There ain’t really a meaning behind my artwork, but I like video games, and since Pac man is a video game that has some years on it and it ain’t really a new game and some pop art have is a style of comics book figure that is in the older style and not in the new style the characters has nowadays.


Relation to pop art

My artwork does relate to pop art because I have used bright colors in the painting, and that is what is most significant with pop art is that they use brights and warm colors instead of using dark and cold colors. Pop art is also a lot of comic and cartoons character that is drawn in brighter colors just. This picture gave me some inspiration to make the Pac man character. I also got inspired by Keith Haring, as I said, and down below, you can see the test I did of making smaller ghosts inside my bigger Pac man, and if did this, I would say that it would connect even more to the pop art culture, but at the same time, I didn’t really like how it turned out if I would go to make it like Keith Haring.

Pacman Pop Art by ZackTv321 on DeviantArt



The process of my painting took some thinking of getting a good idea of what to draw that is pop art but also trying to get Pac man into it. I am pleased with the final artwork that I have now because I liked how it all turned out with colors and outlines. I am also pleased with the size I choose to make my painting in. I found it that the size of the board was good for me, and it was also not too small or big. If I had more time for this work, I would probably try to make these smaller ghosts inside of the hands and the boots to start with instead of doing it over the whole painting. The whole painting time for me went smoothly forward, and I think that I made my time managing well with the time I had to paint my Pac man pop art. I think that I would need to improve my sketching and come up with more ideas of how the painting could look and make some different styles of the sketches, so I get some more alternative to choose between.

IDU reflection


Oscar Lexén

4 February 2020

Ms Marz

English 9 F block

Grade 9 IDU Reflective blog post: Collaboration

  • How did you assess yourself on the “collaboration” strand of the student as a learner rubric?
    If I was going to assess myself I would say app/mee because I still need to work on stuff to get higher grads like explain more in my writing and this is a thing that I want to work on more to get batter on that to write more to explain more specific.
  • What are your strengths as a team member?
    My strengths as a team member is that I can come up with solutions to the group and make some decision but I am not that guy that are taking the final decision. I am saying what I think is important to have in the work and things that not are to nay use.
  • What do you still need to work on?
    I still need to work on my Speaking so I can speak more clearly and the people araond me understand what I mean. I also need to work on taking some of the final decisions in the group about what I think.
  • Can you rank the norms of collaboration based on their degree of importance?
    1. Keep a positive attitude, 2. Ides, 3. Questions about the idea, 4. Divide up the work.
    I think the most important is to keep up a god attitude to the people in the group so we can try to keep the negative attitude outside of the work because I think that makes it easier for the group to work if all are positive in the group.
  • Which norms were the easiest for you to implement?
    I think that the easiest for me was to keep a positive attitude because I didn’t find any time there I needed to be angry at my team mates to make a negative attitude so this one was the easiest one for me to keep a good attitude up.
  • Which were the most difficult?
    The hardest for me I think that was to come up with ideas and brainstorming because I am not used to do that in a fast way to get up with. Solution that would work for our team.
  • When is collaboration valuable?
    It is valuable in things; it could be a group project like this when you are going to find a solution that will work for the audience. It can also be some kind of sport team that need to collaboration if things is going to work in their team well or not.
  • What are the challenges of collaborating with others?
    One challenge is that all of the people in the group need to get over the decisions and that can be hard if some people in the group have different opinions about something. Another one is that if not someone in the group is doing their job because if they dint like the topic.
  • How can these challenges best be managed and/or overcome?
    For the first one I think that to get over that you need to take out the good parts about it and the bad things about it and that the group can take the best solution from what they find when they take out the different part about it. The other one I think that they can change work between them in the group if they have someone that likes to do the other things a bit more they can change between them.


ATW Museum Project

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