Dreams of Humanities Richard

1. English is like treasure the further and deeper you unearth, the richer the treasure. As a foreign learner, I am most interested in poetry. However, I never had the chance to receive the specific education that mainly focuses on what I’m passionate about, poetry. I enjoy poetry because unlike other types of writing, logic isn’t one of the limitations that constrain your imagination. With poetry, I can become a prolific designer, sculpturing my dreams. Therefore, I really wish that I can learn poetry in class.

2. We all have to admit that English is an obscure book. Even some most experienced teachers do not recognize every word in English. I am trying my best to memorize vocabularies but I am making little to no progress because of my poor memory. My challenge is to upgrade my level of vocabulary.

3. I am now learning some root words and prefixes. I think this would contribute to my level of vocabulary because my ability to recognize words will improve.

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