Split Personality, Waverly Jong

Waverly Jong is hardworking, considerate, and immature. On one hand, her advantages brought her infinite glory. On the other hand, her incomplete mindset is tearing up the relationship between Jong and her mother.

First, Jong is hardworking because she wouldn’t have won the games without the extra hard work. Looking in the story “Rules of the Game” written by Amy Tan, it said that “I found out about all the whys later. I read the rules and looked up all the big words in a dictionary. I borrowed books from the Chinatown library. I studied each chess piece, trying to absorb the power each contained. (page 3) “Chess consumed her spare time to gain more experience and skills that are chess related. “I loved the secrets I found within the sixty-four black and white squares. I carefully drew a handmade chessboard and pinned it to the wall next to my bed, where I would stare for hours at imaginary battles. (page 3) “This shows how desperate she is about her dream expertise.

Second, Jong is considerate because she plans out everything in chess. That is what makes her a prodigy. According to the story,” Blow from the South,” it murmured. “The wind leaves no trail (page 4)” I saw a clear path, the traps to avoid. The crowd rustled. “Shhh! Shhh!” said the corners of the room…” Waverly thinks before acting. Her advanced skill and the ability to play chess is significant. This shows that she is considerate on the chessboard.

Third, Jong is immature because of her undeveloped mindset. She only thinks about herself. “I knew it was a mistake to say anything more, but I heard my voice speaking, “Why do you have to use me to show off? If you want to show off, then why don’t you learn to play chess?” (page 5)” Her mother has a great sense of achievement but Waverly doesn’t seem to appreciate that. That mother must be heartbroken.

In conclusion, Waverly is a hardworking, considerate chess player, while having an immature personality. Hardworking because of the amount the huge amount of time and energy spent on chess. Considerate because of the excellent plays during the game. Immature because of the foolish actions, like hurting her mother’s feelings. Waverly has a split personality. In the chess world, she is observant, hardworking, and confident. However, she is still an unripe child in reality.

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