Truth or Lie

Phillip Malloy is an athletic and immature teenager. His remarkable skills in track brought him the opportunity to be a school or even a state runner. However, he ruined his splendid future with his own hands. Using patriotism as a veil to blind the people. The teacher resigned but the truth is that he fooled himself with his own intelligent mind.

Phillip Malloy is athletic. No doubts to that. According to his former coach and current coach, he is a fast and hard-working runner. If Phillip behaved better in English, he would be able to join the school team and go for the county champs. In the book” coach Jamison saw me in the hall and said he wanted to make sure I’m trying out for the track team.” (page 6) His middle school coach said that he was REALLY good. “Then he said that with me on the Harrison High team we have a real shot at being on the county champs.” (page 6) This shows that Phillip has an outstanding ability to let coach Jamison like him so much.

Phillip Malloy is immature because he considers concerns from teachers as hate and dislike. His antipathy is pointed at the wrong direction when the teacher just simply wants him to learn. Hate rolls up like a snowball. He used media and “Patriotism to win against the teacher and got into another school. But nothing changed at last. He slapped his own face. Nothing but the truth. In the book. (page 24) “Narwin is so dumb that she didn’t get my joke. (page 24) “Bad combo- boring teaching and stupid books.” (page 24) This shows his antipathy towards literature and language.

This story directly reflects on the psychological issues that children are facing nowadays. Use myself as an example: I used to hate this teacher called Ms. Jackson because she gave me tons of homework. While it was smothering me, I decided to talk to my mom, to let my mom “punish her” After hearing the event, my mom told me that homework is for reflecting, it’s for your own good. This is valid, students are selfish, they do not understand the purpose for their actions. Now, I would really want to thank that teacher. At least, she cared about my progress in class.

In conclusion, Phillip Malloy is an athletic child with an undeveloped mind. Another prodigy, the product of intelligence destroyed by itself. Whatever what people do to bury their own sin, people will find out because it is nothing but the truth.

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