In the book “Wolf By Wolf” Yael is a courageous, considerate, and women of perseverance because did some outstanding things : racing against competitive men, shapeshifting as random people and stood face to face with her faith by assassinating the evil dictator Adolf Hitler. Hence, I will be listing blatant examples of Yael’s personality.

First, Yael is courageous because she started of as a naive little girl, needing her patriotic mom to protect her. However, her personality experienced drastic change when going into that experiments. She started of very weak as mentioned in page 5″ too weak, too ill, too small.” But after the callous clandestine experiment she became strong and mighty. In page 8 she was asked to “Don’t look at the knives tell him what he wants to hear.” Imagine a girl facing situations like their yet still sober. Therefore, Yael is a girl of might.


Second, Yael is considerate because she is always aware of the environment around her. In page 41, when killing the real Adele Wolfe “Progress. Yael steadied her gun hand. She swallowed back the anger.” If she hurried and killed Adele in one shot, her brother would know and call more people to come. The situation during the race was described as, according to page 69,”Dangerous, stupid, reckless. There weren’t enough words in any of Yael’s languages to describe this manoeuvre. ” Therefore, if Yael wasn’t considerate and did not pounder, she would die in the tour.


Third, Yael is obstinance because she could keep her goal and let it remain unchanged even when Felix came to persuade her. “It’s a rookie mistake, you know, accepting food from others.” and “I’m not some other racers. I’m your brother.” all shows that how much she wants his only sister to quit and thereby accentuating Adele’s powerful mind. In that kind of situation, it is likely that a racer would quit especially when he/she isn’t winning. Adele continued unlike those others. She is a POWERFUl women.

In conclusion, Yael is a women of courage, perseverance, and cleverness because of her brilliant actions in the story.

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