The Soccer Goddess

Carli Lloyd, representation of American soccer and own the golden boots. Nevertheless, Carli suffered lots from critics and teammates, such prodigy once got kicked from the U 21 team. Her career made her a person of control, courage, and perspiration.

Carli Lloyd is a person of control because she never does things that would make her unfit or things that put her in a bad condition for soccer. According to James the trainer, she never eats things grilled and fired(which actually makes you suffer). In page 267, Carli said that”during the flight, I order a cheeseburger and fries, a meal that I wouldn’t have for years.” This shows that she controls what she eats(which I can’t) and would be one of her significant characteristics. In addition, she controls herself even when she isn’t training. That includes the Christmas¬†Eve and Thanksgiving. It said that on page 178 where she ran 5 kilometers on Christmas Eve. She also trained with James on Thanksgiving. This shows her willingness to train and her abstinence.

Carli Lloyd is courageous because she takes risks in everything. Both in matches and daily life. She had an argument with her family which she actually moved our and that.

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