What Changed and Remained?

What had changed in Russia from 1905-1939?

Russia changed dramatically from 1905-1939. Another form of government took over Russia during this time. Tsar Nicholas the second brought the land starvation and warfare. Russia experienced world war one, which had a devastating impact on Russia. People begin quitting jobs and the food problem got even bigger. The tsar was finally abjured in 1917. After that, Lenin took control and fought with the people who opposed him. Lenin soon died leaving a chaotic society. Because of the peace treaty, outside forces extracted most of the scarce resources in Russia. For example, Coal, they had to give up 70% of their coal to other countries. Then comes to the battle between Stalin and Trotsky. Stalin won and industrialized Russia. Speeding up the development of this torn-apart country. In conclusion, Russia did not solve the problem of hunger but established good military power.


What had stayed the same from 1905-1939?

What did not change is the status of peasants. They produced everything that people needed but no one returned the favor. The government begin fighting with forces from outside (world war 1) then got lacerated inside (red against the white, the right arguing with the left about policies). After all of the arguments, the new leader Stalin did not care much of those peasants. In conclusion, the peasants still remained as the poorest and the most unfortunate. The men could rebel but the gulag is always opened for them.

In 1939, how were Sergei’s and Alexander’s lives the same or different from 1905?

During this period, Alexander experienced a dramatic change internally, because of starvation and pressure. He tried to suicide but every time, people found him and stopped him. Starting from a poor but at least something called a family to a nothing but a slave in Gulag. He lost everything, love, children, future. However, his social status did not change much, like before, he was in a situation that cannot get worse. This poor man, starving, having all of his family dead, has nothing left on this tragic planet. But god just wants this man to suffer. He got shot in the leg once in the Gulag. They planned to shoot him at night but they somehow took the wrong person. Now Alexander works with a leg with a bullet inside. Devastation lies inside him, but there is no way for him to get liberated from it.





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