Life-Sized Chess

For the planning sessions, our group(Richard, Erick, Zhiqi, Henry, Elgin and, Centauri) designed multiple plans for today, starting from Jenga to Kerplunk, and finally chess. We learned a lot throughout this day. We mastered the strategy to build, carve, and measure.



Our group planned out our chess board. We measured precisely and used our skills to draw the lines. The final product is like this. This is a 120cm*120cm board with squares 15cm*15cm.


After we made ourĀ board, we begin designing ourĀ pieces. At first, we wanted to paint it black and white. However, we found painting another color a terrible choice because it decreases the durability of the game. Our pieces turned out to be brown(original color) and black.

After we finished everything, we played a round of the product of today. We enjoyed the game. We did that to make sure our game could “survive” in games when played by MS/HS students. At last, we would like to go back to our origin, our goal is to use what we have to bring happiness to the ISB community.

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