Reflections for the Big Board

  1. As a group, we collaborated well and always communicated. The product turned out to be fascinating. I thought collaborating would be difficult between us mates cause we are sometimes off task but it turned out to be some extra worries. Everyone did what they were assigned with and we finished the tasks successfully.

2. Although our product was brilliant, we made two mistakes. The first mistake was the sloppy paint job for the board, there were parts painted well and parts with too much paint. Places with too much paint look rough and were unsmooth. Another mistake was that we forgot to paint one side of one figure. That looked “outstanding”. We should’ve double checked with the pieces.

3. One challenge that we faced was the planning process, we were unfocused at first, we all had different ideas, Erick wanted to do Jenga and Elgin wanted to do something else. At last, everyone agreed to do chess because we found the task a challenge and that was the main idea for one day, to do something challenging.

4. One day is important because we could have an opportunity to expand our boundaries. In this one day, I used my design and art skills to construct a DIY chess board. This is my first time designing a life-sized game and would not be the last.



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