A Step to Prosperity

France, Kingdom of Romance, along with its rich history, crumbled into pieces when its people chose to rebel. At the end of the revolution, France ended up being controlled by the committee of public safety.  However, the Committee of Public Safety that advocated the revolution ended up on the guillotine. Is this a revolution or is it just simply killing 17,000 innocent people that wanted peace? The Illiterates did not get their dreamed life of having enough food and resources. On the other hand, the French Revolution brought success to some peasants, some never able to see the light of day. Those ones starving had a chance to stand up and those who ruled terribly were forced downstage. The French Revolution acted more as a spiritual affinity between the ones without rights instead of a violent outburst of people. Now, is the French Revolution a step to France’s splendid future, or is it just simply the end result of the negligence of people.



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