Journal 2


Our goal is to make a polymer that could fix broken plastic and containers. We want it to prevent leakage.

Our target audience would be people that are poor or lazy. If they break an object, instead of going to the store buying a new one, they can buy our product to fix the original object.

Nothing would be permanently broken as long as the customers correctly use our product. You would never see leaking bottles or broken lunch boxes. Gotta Problem, Fix it. (small containers would not break. “nothing” is just an exaggeration for customers)

We want a polymer that could stick on easily. If our polymer does not stick, we cannot attach it to a broken object, Our polymer should be malleable because that would make our product effective in all situations. (The amount and shape would vary depending on the object broken) Our polymer would harden fast. We cannot have a product that takes 1 week to harden. It should harden within one day because if it takes too long to consolidate, people could just go and buy something new.

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