Ping Yao, The City of Peace, Love, and Prosperity


Three things I’ve learned on the train

  1. I learned about Centauri’s hobby of watching anime (One Punch Man).
  2. I learned about Elgin’s diet. He eats western.
  3. I learned about Erick Chen’s ability to do pull-ups. I could do 30 in a row.



Two things I’ve learned

  1. I learned about Pingyao history. (The show we’ve watched about the Zhao and Wang family)
  2. I learned about Pingyao eating culture. (Ping Yao beef, Ping Yao Vinegar)


Successful aspects of the Pingyao Challenge for our group

  1. As a team, we wandered off at first but then realized the importance of teamwork. Our group collaborated well.

The funniest moment

  1. Centauri sleeping. His form looked a bear in hibernation.


The most challenging aspect of the trip and solution to the problem

  1. I, Elgin, and Centauri got lost. We communicated with the staff and finally found out way back to the Yi Guan hotel. I used the communication skills mastered in the CLL class.

Most memorable moment

  1. Playing BTS at 9. It represents youth. That night is unforgettable because it was really fun. (Told Jokes)


  1. The students should have more independent time. As of 8th graders, we should have the freedom the play around Pingyao on our own. Going with the school is safe but not that entertaining.
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