Growth Through Slaughter, Growth Through Fear!

The rich land of Panem lies above the pain of its citizens living across the 12 districts. Each year 1 boy and 1 girl would be elected to participate in a glorious event called The Hunger Games. There is only one survivor and the rest would all sacrifice for their district. The protagonist, Katniss is a courageous, strong, and caring girl.


First, Katniss has a courageous characteristic. She devoted herself and volunteered to take the position of her sister. “I volunteer!” I gasp. “I volunteer as tribute!” (Collins, 22) In the story, her sister “luckily” got picked as the tribute for the games. However, her sister was just 12. She was not prepared for such an event. In order to stop this unneeded sacrifice, Katniss volunteered instead of her sister. That shows her courage by volunteering into this dangerous event. Adding on to that, she had the courage to show her ability to the game makers by shooting at them. Some might say that the action was foolish. Her way of showing wrath and power to the game makers is innovative. But it requires more bravery. She was not afraid to make the game makers mad. That earned Katniss sponsor and support in the games. “I hear shouts of alarm as people stumble back. The arrow skewers the apple in the pig’s mouth and pins it on the wall behind it. Everyone stares at me in disbelief.” (102)


Second, Katniss is a strong girl. She strived in the games and survived, at last, she overcame the physical pain and physiological fear. In some situations, she got injured severely. Once she got stung by venomous bees but still managed to stand up and continue her journey in the games. “A stabbing pain shoots through my knees and I know one has found me and the others would soon be honing in.” (190) Not only was she stung, she ran into man created fire and got several parts of her body burnt. Yet she still continued until she found a lake and jumped in. “Refreshed, I treat my burns again, braid my hair and dress un the damp cloths.” (199) If she was weak, she could’ve just suicide instead of enduring that level of pain.


Third, Katniss is caring. She always cared about the lives of her companions. If Katniss turns to a real person. I can guarantee that she would help you relentlessly. That is a key factor in solid relationships with friends. “And suddenly, I’m not thinking of Gale but of Peeta and…Peeta saved my life.” (196) In that section of the book, Peeta, the other tribute from district 12 that love Katniss, sacrificed himself for Katniss. Katniss really wanted to show gratitude but did not know where Peeta went. Another companion that Katniss had was a girl called Rue. She came from district 7 and helped Katniss with a variety of things, including meals, injuries, and others. However, Rue got killed later in the book by another tribute. ““I can fix your stings.” Said Rue.” (200) “I press my lips against her temple. Slowly, as if not to wake her, I lay her head back on the ground and release her hand.” (236)

Concluding all, Katniss is a courageous, strong, and caring girl. She demonstrated the three characteristics throughout the story. She has grown as a human being throughout the story. From a girl living in the peaceful lands of district 12 to a machine a slaughter. Her change turned out to be huge. She got mature and that sense of naïve no longer remains.


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