Journal 5 (CER)

C: Compared to other prototypes, prototype 3 (bioplastics) is our most successful prototype

E: According to our testing results, (including the smell, weight, durability, and ability to hold water) prototype 3 has the best ability to hold water. Unlike the other 2 prototypes, prototype 3 used a different kind of material. Prototype 3 weighed the less and has fewer materials contained. Compared to the other 2 prototypes, Prototype 3 does not have an irritating smell. Prototype 3 after the solidifying process turned out to be absolutely odorless. Prototype 3 could hold water as long as the layer of polymer stays. In the testing process, we found out that prototype 1 and 2 would frequently leak because the product itself would become wet when touched with water. However, prototype 3 held water perfectly and did not leak.

R: Prototype 3 is the best prototype. First, we used sustainable materials. Bio-plastics are 100% self degradable and would not leave carbon footprints. We used natural materials instead of synthetic substances. Second, prototype three met all of our goals. It held water and repaired the broken parts of the bottle while having a very cheap cost. Third, prototype 3 lasts longer and has a better outlook than the other two prototypes. Prototypes 1 and 2 are all blue. They are slimy and wet. However, prototype three is transparent. Unless you feel it, it is hard to even spot the product. Concluding all, prototype met all of our goals, unlike the other 2 prototypes. It successfully repairs the damage.

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