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You can find a maximum and minimum point for graph Y. The lowest points are the X-intercepts. The points are the lowest when the ball got sent and received.  The maximum point for graph Y is the vertex. Since there are 29 points, the middle of 29, which is around 14-15 should have the highest point. Looking at the graph, 14 and 15 has the highest points. (14,2.314) (15,2.314) (coordinates for the vertex) 

Looking at the Y velocity, there is a maximum and minimum speed. Gravity and air resistant decrease the travel speed of the ball. Therefore, the speed of the ball gradually decreases throughout the movement.   



We did very well in collaboration. We helped each other when constructing graphs and gave each other useful method when facing a problem. 

We faced challenges when finding the origin. Our videos ended up in different settings. We must find an origin for each, and it was very confusing.  

The video taking process ended up being time-wasting. The teacher should provide the students with videos already taken to save time for the iMovie and explanations.  

I would have taken all the videos in the same setting. It was very confusing when choosing the origin. The photographer had to be in different positions when recording the movement of the ball 






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