minecraft reflection

The last time we get into minecraft, I harvested many carrots because before I planned to make a carrots store but my partner think it’s useless. Second I help my partner mining, and we found a tunnel system and 5 iron ingots. During that time I was infected from a new disease called slowness (makes you walk slow) and weakness (makes you weak). Kylie donated 3 cows for milk and a rich group wants to donate 10 buckets to drink the milk because milk can cure disease. So the next time I get in I think I should donate a bucket t help the community.

week 2

I’m hunting for food and mining for cobblestone because I have to make pickaxe, axe, sword, because I died by starve, so next time I have to find more food. I’ll hunt for food and give food to them who’s dying.

Planet x459 Week one

We went to 4PR awesome village this week. Clara was elected to be a chief, Michelle and Leonor are the councilors. Bryan and I are a group I’m a hunter and Bryan is the builder and/or miner. Before Nathan’s in our group, but he joined another group. Jack’s group invited us so we can go to their house. The government made some laws, punishments, and taxes and the laws, punishments, and taxes are ratified. I think the taxes shouldn’t be 2 wood, I think it should be 5 woods and 4 meats.