Diary of a Swimming Kid

In this project, made our own swimming practice which mainly focuses on technique. The coaches also gives us a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

Before I get in the pool, I’m afraid that the water is going to be cold, but after swimming 25m, it isn’t cold anymore. When I swim, all I hear is the water splashing next to my ears.

Personally, I don’t like swimming, because the training is tiring and boring. Two reasons that I chose swimming for this unit is friends and improving technique. After doing this unit, I think it was pretty fun.

My goals for this unit is to improve my freestyle stroke efficiency and underwater kick. Before this unit, my stroke count for every 25m is 20, but now my stroke is around 18 or 19. After watching the pre-unit film with coach Arthur, he suggested that I should engage more of my core when doing underwater kick. In the post-unit film, we were able to clearly see that my core was engaged. I found this unit very helpful, because in the ISAC swim meet, I felt that I was able to do more underwater kick and I also got 6 personal bests. In the future, I would like to work on my turns, because in swim meets, my turns are slightly slower than other people.

End of Project Post

In this project, I learnt that the way we are consuming products is not sustainable. I first researched the effects of plastic on the three pillars of sustainability in extraction. When I  got to disposal, I found out that plastic cannot be recycled an unlimited times.

My video was able to change the thinking of my audience to buy reusable goods. They say that the most important thing they took away from my video is to not use plastic. Two things that really surprised my audience is the fact that micro-plastic can enter our water system and the smallest micro-plastics can enter our bloodstream. They learnt the environmental damage that plastic caused after disposal. Next time, I would add more information on the extraction and production part, because I’ve been focused on the disposal and consumption, which made me skip some environmental impacts of plastic when being extracted and produced.

I think the way we are consuming good is unsustainable. Buying stuff had been more popular due to online shopping. All of those stuff is wrapped in a plastic packaging. This produces an immense amount of plastic waste, which can harm the environment and us. Before this project, I thought that recycling is the most sustainable decision. But I learnt that plastic can only be recycled a limited number of times, which made me think if recycling is sustainable or not. Now, I think that the most sustainable decision we can make is to refuse consuming plastic.


Swimming Reflection

I chose this PE unit because I want to refine my stroke technique and underwater kick. I am a year-round swimmer, my coach always say my freestyle stroke technique is not good enough and I always lose to other people in underwater kick. Looking at my video, I noticed that my freestyle arm recovery is too flat. After Coach Arthur watched my video, he said the my underwater kick is using too much of my legs instead of my core.

Make It: Final Presentation

On Thursday, some people weren’t able to get on the train, so the people who did got on the train had to wait for them at our first location. Then during lunch, we had an argument over which restaurant to go to. After that, our trip ran very smoothly. To me, I think our group did a better job of staying as a group and collaborating than Tuesday, because no one is left alone at any point, and we also moved quicker as a group. In this project. I think my collaboration skills got better, because we had to work as a group to make sure no one is left behind. My favorite part of the project is the traveling, because we get to experience the BJ Metro and I can also go to places that I’d never went to. Click here to access the BJ Metro Blog.