Make it: Develop & Plan

The skills we need are problem solving and communication. Those skills are important, because if someone gets lost during the trip, we need to communicate and problem solve for us to find them. For the trip, I’m assigned to find the total traveling cost. Using Baidu map, I figured out that the cost for each person is 12 RMB. Since we have 15 people including teachers, 15 x 12 = 180 RMB. The people who are assigned to find the route to The Forbidden City decided that we should start at China International Exhibition Center, change to line 5 at DaTunLu east, then change to line 1 at DongDan, finally, leave the subway at TianAnMen east. My plan for making the web page is to have the name of restaurant on top. Then, have the address, how to get there via subway, and what they are famous for at the center of the web page. Finally I would have a picture of the restaurant and a photo of the route at the bottom of the page.

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