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We put in information into our BJ Metro Blog. My group is in charge of restaurant; I’m researching DaDong, Michelle is researching SanLiTun, Max is researching JoyCity. Each restaurant, we had information about where it is, the closest subway station, time it takes from ISB to the restaurant, and what the restaurant is famous for. Then we started the plan for Thursday’s trip. We decided that we will first go to Bird’s Nest, then Olympic Sports Center, Lama Temple, Football stadium, finally JoyCity for lunch.

Our route: Bus Drive: ISB to China International Exhibition Center. Line 15: China International Exhibition Center to Olympic Green (Bird’s Nest). 5 RMB. Line 8: Olympic Green to Olympic Sports Center (Tennis). 3 RMB. Line 8: Olympic Sports Center to GuLouDaJie. Change to Line 2: GuLouDaJie to YongHeGong (Lama Temple). 4 RMB. Line 2: YongHeGong to DongSiShiTiao (Football). 3 RMB. Line 2: DongSiShiTiao to ChaoYangMen. Change to line 6: ChaoYangMen to QingNianLu (JoyCity). 4 RMB. Line 6: QingNianLu to JinTaiLu. Change to line 14: JinTaiLu to WangJing. Change to line 15: WangJing to China International Exhibition Center. 6 RMB. Bus Drive: China international Exhibition Center to ISB.

On Tuesday, half of the group wasn’t able to get on the train at the first station because it was crowded. This causes the group that got on the train to get off at the next station to wait for the group that didn’t get on the train. After that, our trip ran pretty smoothly. I think the most challenging thing is deciding which locations to got on Thursday, because we had a lot of locations that are very far apart from each other. A big success was being able to create the route for Thursday, because we have 5 locations to go to, and we are still able to find a route that can bring us back to ISB at 1:10.

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