Express It: Develop & plan

I generated the idea by brainstorming multiple ideas and then narrowing it in to three. I chose ID card holder because it is the most useful of the three and can be made easily. Finally I used the ISB ID card holder and some others online as an example to create my product.

During this project, I will need to use HDPE plastic. I will need to learn how to make a mold and heat press; molding is for the back of the card holder, and heat press is for the transparent sheet at front. I am getting feedback from Ms. Lemley because she has a broken ID card holder. To make the card holder, we are going to cut a 10 cm by 7 cm rectangle out of a plastic cake, then I am going glue a transparent soft plastic on top. Last step, I am going to make a small lip/attachment so that a lanyard can be connected.

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