My Propaganda Poster


This is a self-made propaganda poster about my campaign of running for varsity table tennis team captain. By using color, images, and facial expressions, I effectively persuade other members of the team to vote for me.

I put a picture of Ma Long, the greatest table tennis player of all time, on the opposite side of the table to me. In the poster, I am in the foreground and Ma Long is in the background, indicating to the audience that I am the main focus of the poster. His unhappy expression contrasts against my confident body language, suggesting that Ma Long had been beaten by me. In addition, I added a speech bubble that says “Ryan is the best player I have ever played.” This is effective because if the best player in the world says I am the best play he had ever played, the audience would believe that I am a very good player.

The setting of the poster is the Olympics, the most prestigious stage in table tennis and in many other sports. When combined with me beating Ma Long, the setting becomes very effective.

The text on the right side is written in blue and white, which are the colors of ISB. Also, a drawing of a table tennis racket with an ISB logo on it was used to replace the words “table tennis” because images are much more appealing than plain words. Lastly, the Long (龙) in Ma Long means dragon, which is the mascot of ISB.

Propaganda Poster Reflection

Most of the propaganda posters appeals to ethos and pathos. In addition, the posters usually have big bold text that supports Maoism. The main color of the posters is bright red, as it is the color of China. In these posters, the Chinese people and their allies are in a confident body posture and wear neat clothings; they are often in the foreground to capture the audience’s attention. On the other hand, the people that are against communism in the poster seems weak and old; they are put in the background to suggest they are less important than the Chinese.