My tech use

I think that I have an unhealthy tech use. Everyday, I have 4-5 hours of free time. 1-2 hours of snooker, 30-60 minutes of math and rest are all tv. That means that I spend about 3-4 hours of my day to watch TV. I can make my tech use healthier by take some time out of watching tv to play more pingpong, math, or snooker. This makes it healthier because it allows me to have less screen time.

Chinese Culture Games

Before OneDay:

On one day, I’m planning to learn how to play I-go, because I already know how to play other Chinese games. Also, I’m planning to teach other people how to play Mah-Jong, because most people don’t know how to play it. I chose this OneDay because I love to play Mahjong, it would be great if I’m able to learn the culture behind it. Another reason is my dad likes to play Chinese chess, but I’m not as good, I want to use this opportunity to refine my skills.

After One Day:

On OneDay, 4 other people and I taught 4 people how to play Mah-Jong. They were mostly confused about when and how they are allowed to eat (the eat in Mahjong) and win. Then for most of OneDay, I played Mah-Jong with 3 people; I won the first game, then luck left me right after that and didn’t come back. Other than that, I learnt a little about how to play I-go, but I’m still confused at where I’m allowed to place a piece. At the last few minutes of OneDay, I played a really intense game of five-in-a-row with Joshua. Below, is the game I played with Joshua, which we ended with a draw. My biggest takeaway on OneDay is the culture behind Mahjong and teaching is not easy at all.