At first, I planned to make baskets and boats with used plastic, but since the FAB lab is closed, I don’t have access to much plastic. The alternative to plastic is paper, however, it is difficult to build things with paper. Instead of making baskets and boats, Mr. Q inspired me to do origami with recycled paper. I hope I am able to inspire others to reuse wasted materials and improve my own creativity and innovation. I might think this is going to be challenging because I don’t have any previous origami experiences.

Express It: Final Presentation

The final product of the soft holder was made by hot pressing multiple layers of soft plastic. When heat pressing the front and back together, I have to put a layer of wax paper between them to make sure they won’t stick together. The biggest obstacle when making the soft holder is time, because there’s a 7th grade team making a bag, which requires a lot of heat pressing. I overcame it by working on hard holder when the 7th graders are here and only work on soft holder when the 7th graders are in PE. Another obstacle is the wax paper sometimes gets stuck in the card holder and I still don’t have a solution to that. During this project, I learnt how to heat press and some basics of making a plastic cake. This project is better than I thought, when signing up for this project, I didn’t have much expectations, then this turned out to be one of my favorite ignite projects.

Express It: Create & Improve

Final Product

In this project, I made a lot of ID card holders: some are made of both hard and soft plastic, some are made of just soft plastic. The soft card holder worked really well, the hardness of the holder is perfect and it is much easier to make than the hard holder. One obstacle I had is cutting plastic cake, so after a few prototypes, I decided to use laser cut. I created a few different soft holders, each is better than the one before. The first one had spiky edges, the second and third prototype are broken and are too small for the lunch card to fit. The final prototype has a stronger cover, perfect sized, and the edges are straight.

Express It: Develop & plan

I generated the idea by brainstorming multiple ideas and then narrowing it in to three. I chose ID card holder because it is the most useful of the three and can be made easily. Finally I used the ISB ID card holder and some others online as an example to create my product.

During this project, I will need to use HDPE plastic. I will need to learn how to make a mold and heat press; molding is for the back of the card holder, and heat press is for the transparent sheet at front. I am getting feedback from Ms. Lemley because she has a broken ID card holder. To make the card holder, we are going to cut a 10 cm by 7 cm rectangle out of a plastic cake, then I am going glue a transparent soft plastic on top. Last step, I am going to make a small lip/attachment so that a lanyard can be connected.