Project Trade Up Reflection

One thing I found really surprising was how important trading was, which made me think if trading did not exist, how different would are society be. Some interest things I learnt in this project are: barriers of trade, why and how trade war effects a societies’ effect. Which helped me understand the connection between barriers of trade and a civilization’s development. The driving question impacts me or my community because it made me think: What happens when there is a barrier to trading? For example, in the opium war, the demand for tea in Britain is high, but the supply they have is low, and China has a lot of tea. The problem is China only allowed the British to trade at one port, making British to only get a little of tea. Soon, British found out that the Chinese likes to do opium, but opium is not allowed in China. This caused a conflict between British and Chinese. Looking back on this Project Trade up, I realize that trading was very important for a civilization’s development. Trading allowed civilizations to get resources that they don’t have or knowledge. For example, if an ancient civilizations might have fertile land, but no minerals. That civilization might use the crops that they grew to trade for minerals that they don’t have. However, a big question I still have is except for trading, what was another way that helped civilizations to develop.