When someone has a low self-esteem or a bad body image, some choose to change their bodies with unhealthy methods. That includes fad diets, eating disorder, surgery, steroids, and diet pills. These methods have short-term weight loss, but can have long term negative effects. For example, cancer, fatigue, death, and etc. Instead of using these methods, they can exercise for a reasonable amount of time, eat slowly, and have healthy diets.

PE – Source Reliability

How can you ensure your information is reliable when researching health-related topics?  

If a source’s purpose is to persuade, then it is likely to be unreliable. That’s because they would only give information that benefits heir claim. Websites that ends with “.org” is more reliable than “.com”. If a sources give opinions, than it is likely to be biased.

Project Space Race Reflection

Project Space Race was split into 3 missions. Mission 1 was about the Cold War, mainly the Space Race. In mission 2, we learnt what makes a good speech/pitch, then we made the scaled drawing and first prototype of our rover. Mission 3 was just working on the final prototype for the rover and the website.

Our investors liked our pitch because we are more realistic. Most companies say that they can travel 40 light years within a year, but with current technology, we are no where close to traveling at the speed of light. The audience were surprised when they saw that our rover actually works. We were able to convince the uninterested investors to invest into our company by put their name onto our rover. Next time, we would make the base of our rover bigger, because our current rover balance as good as other rovers.

During this project, I learned about the Space Race and Arms Race, which helped me understand competition may drive innovation. For example, when the USSR send the first cosmonaut to space, the United States was desperate to send an astronaut to space. That made the US the first country to send a man to space and back. Another thing I found really surprising was NASA sent INSIGHT to Mars just to learn about the formation of Earth, which made me think that knowledge can also drive innovation. Completing this project, I learnt that I need to work on writing a hook and conclusion for an informative writing. For example, when I was writing the website informative essay, I had a hard time coming up with a good hook. Before this project I used to think that only competition drives innovation, now I think there’s a lot of other factors that drive innovation: curiosity, knowledge, survival, etc. The driving question impacts me or my community because innovation is crucial to start a business. For example, if my idea is common and nothing is unique, no one will buy my product; but if my idea is new and unique, more people will likely buy my product. Looking back on this project, I realize that innovative and new ideas are more likely to take over the old ones. For example, although NASA is the most successful space company, but there is a lot of supporters for a new space company, SpaceX. I think the main factors that drive innovation are passion and the desire for knowledge. However, a big question I still have is: Will there ever be an end to innovation?

End of Project Post

In this project, I learnt that the way we are consuming products is not sustainable. I first researched the effects of plastic on the three pillars of sustainability in extraction. When I  got to disposal, I found out that plastic cannot be recycled an unlimited times.

My video was able to change the thinking of my audience to buy reusable goods. They say that the most important thing they took away from my video is to not use plastic. Two things that really surprised my audience is the fact that micro-plastic can enter our water system and the smallest micro-plastics can enter our bloodstream. They learnt the environmental damage that plastic caused after disposal. Next time, I would add more information on the extraction and production part, because I’ve been focused on the disposal and consumption, which made me skip some environmental impacts of plastic when being extracted and produced.

I think the way we are consuming good is unsustainable. Buying stuff had been more popular due to online shopping. All of those stuff is wrapped in a plastic packaging. This produces an immense amount of plastic waste, which can harm the environment and us. Before this project, I thought that recycling is the most sustainable decision. But I learnt that plastic can only be recycled a limited number of times, which made me think if recycling is sustainable or not. Now, I think that the most sustainable decision we can make is to refuse consuming plastic.


Make it: Create & Improve

We put in information into our BJ Metro Blog. My group is in charge of restaurant; I’m researching DaDong, Michelle is researching SanLiTun, Max is researching JoyCity. Each restaurant, we had information about where it is, the closest subway station, time it takes from ISB to the restaurant, and what the restaurant is famous for. Then we started the plan for Thursday’s trip. We decided that we will first go to Bird’s Nest, then Olympic Sports Center, Lama Temple, Football stadium, finally JoyCity for lunch.

Our route: Bus Drive: ISB to China International Exhibition Center. Line 15: China International Exhibition Center to Olympic Green (Bird’s Nest). 5 RMB. Line 8: Olympic Green to Olympic Sports Center (Tennis). 3 RMB. Line 8: Olympic Sports Center to GuLouDaJie. Change to Line 2: GuLouDaJie to YongHeGong (Lama Temple). 4 RMB. Line 2: YongHeGong to DongSiShiTiao (Football). 3 RMB. Line 2: DongSiShiTiao to ChaoYangMen. Change to line 6: ChaoYangMen to QingNianLu (JoyCity). 4 RMB. Line 6: QingNianLu to JinTaiLu. Change to line 14: JinTaiLu to WangJing. Change to line 15: WangJing to China International Exhibition Center. 6 RMB. Bus Drive: China international Exhibition Center to ISB.

On Tuesday, half of the group wasn’t able to get on the train at the first station because it was crowded. This causes the group that got on the train to get off at the next station to wait for the group that didn’t get on the train. After that, our trip ran pretty smoothly. I think the most challenging thing is deciding which locations to got on Thursday, because we had a lot of locations that are very far apart from each other. A big success was being able to create the route for Thursday, because we have 5 locations to go to, and we are still able to find a route that can bring us back to ISB at 1:10.