English 9 Reflection

This unit introduced me to humor for the first time, and I have achieved my SMART goal- to be able to analyze and understand a poem. During this unit, I have learned various techniques and how did writers apply them in poetry and confusions to create a humorous effect. By the end of this unit, I have received some knowledge according to journal writing and analyzing poems, also get chances to try out and examine my shortcuts. To reach the SMART goal, I choose to analyze “Mr. Grumpledump’s song”. Finally, I can understand its theme and expresses my personal interpretations upon it. This unit helps me to emphasize various techniques such as repetition, hyperbole, imperative, metaphor, climax, rhetorical question, sang, and various tone. There are still many concepts that I need to work on, especially developing good interpretations according to each stylistic feature accurately, paraphrase the poem and understand the theme, knowing the mood and tone and their effects.


However, there are many areas in English that I still need to improve. During the unit, I realized my shortage of analyzing Confusion and write journal entries according to them. I found the most challenging part was to understand how the writer applied techniques and stylistic features to create a humorous effect. It took me 1 hour to write each journal entry, 30 minutes on selecting suitable quotes, and find relevant techniques. I have worked on this for five days and tried my best, but I still did not act well enough to achieve the meeting standard. Therefore, I still need to improve my language skills in order to find stylistic features and analyze them according to the theme accurately and sophisticatedly.


I think I meet satisfactory for responsibility criteria. I am willing to accept peer/teacher feedbacks and punctually act upon them, also fully prepare materials before each class on time. I can also manage my time independently and work ahead. I participated well in attitude criteria and performed decent works in a satisfactory standard. My goal for English 9 is to receive 6. Although I have improved according to my goal during the school year, I still have many skills deficiency; for example, I was quite disappointed when I received approaching for Confusion analysis. However, instead of quitting my goal, I decided to work more diligently on poetry analysis. I can engage with ideas and questions from peers and teachers, always focus on the task. I like to face challenges and set higher goals, finally achieve them through various strategies, and providing my best efforts. I realized that there are still gaps between my goal and my current stage, but I would like to take risks in order to accomplish my goals and advance my leanings.


I would like to face more challenges in future leanings of English 10. I understand that my English skills and foundations are poor, but I will keep enhance my skills and try harder with my maximum efforts to achieve mastering standards in grade 10. I would also like to use more interesting strategies, also take more risks as I go. I wish to remedy my deficiency; especially using more advanced vocabulary and reduce grammar mistakes. Hence, I need to go beyond the meeting standard and practice more in various criteria.


Finally, thank you Mr. Dalton for teaching and helping me during this school year, providing such an enjoyable English leaning environment as well as giving me valuable feedbacks to examine my weaknesses and act upon them.


Goodbye, English 9


I made this avatar for myself by using a lot of my characteristics.as this is shown, I decided to make it cute , and the long black hair on the round head which is similar to me.i also choose a pair of big eye as my eyes, but actually, my eyes are not as big as that.i like this exaggeration.I put on “myself” a black shirt and shorts, because that’s my style of daily wearing.and the pair of shoe also is my favourite colour.finally, I like my facial emotions because it’s a bit of curious, and it’s adorable.

Throwing a ball


1) What did you learn from this activity? How is that related to the concepts we learned in Algebra1?

We learned how to create accurate graph and analyse graph on logger pro, this related to Linear and Quadratic functions unites in Algebra1.

2) What did your group do well?

We do well on analyse the maximum and minimum velocity of each graph, and also organised over movie clips well.

3)What were some challenges your group faced?

During the first time that we film our three video, we accidentally film the people who is throwing the ball out of the screen. So we realised it and re-film the clip. Another challenge we faced was analyse the accurate progression lines.

4)What aspect of this activity could your group improve?

Collaboration, because we film the video using a lot of time, so next time we can be more patient and communicate clearly.

5)How could you do it differently if you are giving another try?

I want to try film it will iPads, because the screen will be larger and it will be easier to analyse.

Capstone Movie-Breathe Life

During this capstone movie project, we fist plan out the schedule, we film our movie, then we record the voice over and the last thing we did is editing. I learned about air pollution, and some new technology due to replacing fossil fuels into renewable energy. I also learned how to film and be a successful director, such as organised my actors to act by following my script and edit according to my plan. Overall, I really enjoy making this project with Jisu, and I would like to do more project like this in the future.

Cosplay Design Reflection

During this trimester, I took cosplay design for enrichment, my greatest success in this class was I was able to make cosplay from animations and films that I like and enjoy. one obstacle I successfully overcame was deciding the materials that I will use for my project. before, I want to use wood but I thought that is to hard. After the discussions with Lydia, we decided to use foam and cardboards. On way I helped someone this trimester was I helped Lydia to do her project, I helped her paint the colour of the mask her made, and I found that interesting.